A Quick Look at the Best Baby Jumper List for 2017

​There’s a lot of reasons to purchase the best baby jumper for your growing baby. Not only is it fun to use, but this seat that lets your baby bounce up and down can immensely help in his or her development. In addition, it promotes motor skills that growing babies need.

There are also jumpers that are equipped with accessories that your baby can reach and grasp. Whether you call it a baby jumper, jumperoo, or a johnny jump up, purchasing a quality jumper is a big plus for your baby. The question now is – how can you find the best one for your baby? Let’s find out the criteria.


*Feel free to check my detailed reviews below. You may also click on the links above and be updated on the current prices and see more reviews on Amazons.

Criteria to Check When Searching for the Best Baby Jumper

The Type of Baby Jumper to Purchase

There are three different types of jumpers you can choose from – stationary, stationary activity, and doorway jumpers. The Stationary jumper consists of a frame that is attached to a seat then to an elastic cord. This is the basic type as it does not have any additional entertainment features for your baby. In short, it is mainly designed for bouncing.

Secondly, the stationary activity jumper is the tweaked version of the first type. Aside from the elastic cord, seat, and the frame, it also has a frame with a variety of age-appropriate toys. This lets your baby have some play time when he or she gets tired from bouncing.

The third type, the doorway jumpers, comes with a seat that is suspended from the door frame or door jamb with the help of a pair of clamps. Its cable functions like a bungee cord. As with the stationary jump, it does not normally come with extra toys.

Little baby jumping in jumpers

The Weight Limit as Per the Manufacturer’s Recommendation

Depending on the model, each baby jumper has its own recommended weight limit. Allowing an underweight or overweight baby to use a jumper may result in accidents. So, it is important to follow the instructions and recommended weight limit on the packaging of the item.

The Quality of the Seat

When searching for a seat, comfort is a paramount factor to consider. Always go for a padded seat that is big enough for your baby. The seat must also be ergonomically designed to ensure that the shape, thickness of the padding, and the fabric used are all designed for babies.

When searching for a good jumper seat, it is always a better idea to purchase a removable one that you can wash on a regular basis. Moreover, the height of the seat should be adjustable with ease, so it can be used by your growing baby for a long time.

funny baby is playing in baby jumper

The Quality of the Elastic Suspender

When it comes to checking the suspender of a baby jumper, the rule of thumb is to never go for a jumper that only has a single elastic strap as this could prompt the jumper to move from left to right which could end up in unwanted injuries. Therefore, narrow down your choices by keeping those with two or more straps in tab.

The Accessories that Comes with It

In short—TOYS! Yes, toys are an excellent addition to any jumper as they keep your babies entertained while enhancing their motor skills as well. Toys will different textures are ideal. Babies would learn how to grab items. Moreover, jumpers equipped with musical toys are also of big helpful in developing their auditory skills.

Another interesting type of toy that can be used is those with toys with flashing lights. While these jumpers may be pricier than others, the accessories can be regarded as a great investment for the optimal development of your baby’s skills.

The Adjustability

Another criterion that is essential for every jumper is the adjustability. This would allow your baby to remain comfortable while using it even when he gets slightly bigger or taller. Adjustability also refers to the ability to turn more compact in size. If you live in a small flat or apartment, purchasing a jumper that can be disassembled is a huge advantage.

baby playing in the baby jumper

General Safety of the Jumper

There has been a long debate as to whether jumper is safe to use. However, is also a matter of being able to adhere to the guidelines and instructions on the packaging. Also, be wary of any news which may be related to the safety of these items. Purchasing an item from a trusted brand is a good start when safety is a primary concern.

If you are all set to find the best baby jumper for your little one, you can go ahead and check our list of the best jumpers you can choose from.

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Top 5 Baby Jumpers You Can Try

*Feel free to check my detailed reviews below. You may also click on the links above and be updated on the current prices and see more reviews on Amazons.

Via Amazon

There is no doubt that the brand itself is one of the most-trusted when it comes to baby items.Fisher-Price offers numerous entertainment items for your baby and the Luv U Zoo Jumperoo is certainly one of the highly recommended ones.

At first glance, you would know that this jumper is made from sturdy materials which also ensures safety and durability. Another interesting feature of this product is that every time the baby jumps, he or she gets rewarded with various music and lights.

The Good Side

  • The adjustable height and the 3-position rotation that the seat has offers an excellent access for your baby to grasp the toys around him or her.
  • I particularly liked how easy it was for us to assemble it upon unboxing
  • ​The colorful toy bar that hangs overhead also offers utmost entertainment with the colors, lights, and sound.
  • ​The toys are detachable and could also be used elsewhere – the mobile, the stroller, etc.
  • ​The spring covers on the plush also keep your baby’s fingers completely safe
  • ​The activities could help your babies get busy while mommy works in the house
  • You do not need any doorway to use it as it is a free standing type
  • The components can be easily detached which allows you to bring it to other places

The Bad Side

  • As this is a freestanding jumper, it requires a bit of more space as opposed to the doorway type
  • There are way too many components and you need to be extra careful to not lose any of them

Via Amazon

This Baby Einstein Neptune Jumper lets your baby enjoy some fun time jumping activities while surrounded by ocean-themed toys. A true space-saver, there is no need to worry about having sufficient space for it. It can be assembled and used in any room even in the garden.

The Good Side

• One thing that I truly appreciate about this jumper is that it lets your baby explore different languages, specifically English, Spanish, and French.

• Three of the toys that I like which are included in this items are the starfish that comes with a self-discovery mirror, the crab spider ball, and the octopus paddle

• The electronic toys that can be detached are certainly a big plus for your little one.

• It also has 4-height positions which would help you adjust the height according to your baby’s height

• When my baby tried this, I truly liked how he could just rotate and reach all the toys

• The padded seat is also quite comfortable

The Bad Side

• The size is quite suitable for babies around 5-6 months old. I noticed that it does not really have enough room for bigger babies

Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper, Little Jungle

Via Amazon

From one of the top baby stuff brand comes a doorway jumper that is made from Polyester. It can be easily attached to any door frame without leaving any mark behind. Moreover, as it is only attached on the doorframe, you can be sure that this item would require minimal space for your baby to enjoy some bouncing and jumping time.

The Good Side

  • Any parent would feel at ease with the hidden safety cord that comes with this jumper.
  • The seat pad is easy to remove and can be washing-washed.
  • ​You would also appreciate the non-twist straps which eliminate the possibility of any accident and it makes it easy for you to get your little baby in and out.
  • Your baby would also enjoy playing with toys attached to the detachable toy tray

The Bad Side

  • It could only accommodate limited toys as the tray is quite small as compared to those freestanding type of baby jumpers
  • The clamp could only fit door frames or jamb of maximum of 16.5 cm
  • If your ceiling height is higher than 8 feet, this would not be the ideal jumper for you

Via Amazon

The Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn are designed to allow babies to have a fun and safe environment to jump, play, and learn at the same time. The toys and activities were designed with the help of the Child Development Institute to allow babies reach important milestones.

The Good Side

  • As opposed to other jumpers, the bounce base lets baby land on a softer landing pad which makes it even bouncier
  • You could easily adjust the height so your baby can use for a longer period of time
  • ​The toys are likewise detachable so your baby could use them even when not in the jumper
  • ​Your baby would never run out of activity to do as there are a total of 58 of them
  • ​The stand also looks sturdy and does not move easily which keeps your baby safe from getting tripped
  • It is quite compact and would not consume much space even if you live in a small apartment

The Bad Side

  • It looks cramped from the outside and could possibly be uncomfortable for bigger-sized babies
  • The top leaf accessory seems unsafe as it could jab the baby’s eye, so it is better to have it removed

Via Amazon

The traditional Jolly Doorway Jumper now comes with a super stand which allows ultra fun for babies to jump if your door frame does not meet the basic requirements. The Super Stand offers a good option for babies to use their jumpers even outdoors.

The Good Side

  • You could simply fold the super stand for easy storage
  • As it does not require any doorways, you could take it anyway – use it in the garden, in the park, in the picnic grounds-name it!
  • ​I specifically liked how the saddle or the seat is designed as it also comes with a back support that is ideal for babies
  • ​It could accommodate a maximum weight of 13 kgs and the entire frame remains sturdy
  • You do not need to be a handyman to assemble it.

The Bad Side

  • It is quite difficult to get the baby it as the entire seat keeps on spinning
  • There’s limited option for extra toys to be attached as well
  • If your doorway is not compatible with the clamp, you would need a much bigger space to be able to use the super stand

My Final Verdict

I am a firm believer that jumpers are a boon to baby’s motor skills development while providing them with extra entertainment and fun experience. After checking all the abovementioned brands, I would say that the Luv U Zoo Jumperoo by Fisher-Price remains on top of my list for various reasons.

Firstly, the design is quite different from the other freestanding baby jumpers. Thee frames are slender, easy to assemble, and do not require a lot of space. Secondly, the electronic toys and plushes can certainly give any baby the fun time he or she needs.

I love the seat is comfortable and washable, and how stable the entire frame is. With all these, I am giving this brand two thumbs up. If you wish to know more about the great stuff your baby could use, check out my other posts and watch out for the new ones coming real soon.

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