A Practical Guide To Finding The Best Bottle Sterilizer

Congratulations! You have reached one of the most exciting part of pregnancy – baby item shopping. Among the most difficult items to check and compare is the best bottle sterilizer. It is imperative to know that whether you intend to formula feed or store breast milk, you will certainly need to keep the bottles and other feeding implements clean all the time.

The question that we are now about to answer is – how can you choose the right sterilizer for your baby? There are several factors to consider and we will be discussing them one by one. However, let’s first discuss the principle behind the need to purchase a bottle sterilizer.


Why Is It A Must To Purchase Bottle Sterilizers


Your baby’s immune system is a work in progress during the first few years of his or her life. This means that your little bundle of joy needs all the protection she or he needs from infection and germs. Thankfully, sterilizers are available now which help you do this particular job more easily.

Bacteria may develop and multiply in milk – whether expressed from the breasts or the formula kind. Cleaning your containers with soap,detergent, and water cannot always eliminate all the bad bacteria and germs. This is why sterilizing every bottle, teats, and even teethers are highly recommended

Even as your baby starts to eat solid food, you should also keep in mind the importance of sterilizing his or her spoons and baby plates. This way, you can prevent gastrointestinal illnesses caused by bacteria that grow in feeding implements, milk, and food residue.

The Types Of Sterilizers Available

  • The first thing that mommies need to know is that sterilizers come in three different types. These are the electric type, the cold water type, and the microwave type. It is apparent that technology has come a long way and even baby items such as sterilizers are not equipped with it.
  • The electric steam sterilizers are those that do not need any rinsing or any other chemicals to be used. You will simply have to plug it in and allow it to do the sterilizing for about 6-15 minutes. Once done, the baby bottles or any item you have sterilized will remain sterile for as long as 24 hours, but only when the lids are closed.
  • The advantage of this is that it would allow you to sterilize several items at the same time. If you do not have a microwave at home, this could be a better option as well. And as it does not require any chemical, it is convenient for mommies who have limited time to do housework.
  • These items will remain sterile for as long as 24 hours if they are submerged in the solution. Prior to using the bottles, they should first then be rinsed well in a freshly-boiled water. One disadvantage of using this type is that it tends to leave an after-taste and some babies may find it off-putting.
  • The third type, which is the microwave sterilizers, does not also require any chemicals. The bottles are cleaned and sterilized with the help of the heat coming from the steam. If the lids of the bottles remained close, then these items can stay sterile for up to one full day.
  • You would only need about three to eight minutes to sterilize the items. One note of precaution is that you make sure that you do not include any item with metallic part as this equipment is not capable of sterilizing them. You may also find some of these microwave sterilizers which can be used as a cold water sterilizers as well.

How To Find The Right Bottle Sterilizer For Your Baby


Check the Size

Sterilizers come in different capacities. Some can hold only two bottles while others can accommodate as many as eight bottles per batch. If you plan to completely formula-feed your little one, then it is a must to purchase a sterilizer before you give birth.

Another factor to consider when choosing the right size of sterilizers is the type of bottles you have purchased or intend to purchase. Some have wide necks or wider bodies which means that they need much bigger space than the regular-sized ones.

When babies are completely formula-fed, note that they would need a minimum of six bottles in one day. Therefore, the it is recommended that you get a sterilizer that can accommodate about six to eight bottles per sterilizing.

Even if you do not plan to formula-feed your little child, you would still need a sterilizer to kill off the germs and bacteria that could grow in breast pumps and storage bottles. As your baby grows and start to use dummies, you would also need to sterilize these items.


The Extra Features You Would Want In A Sterilizer

Aside from the ability to sterilize baby bottles and other baby items well, you may want to also check other features which could add more convenience to you. For instance, some sterilizers come with a water filter which could help control the limescale.

Some sterilizers are also equipped with an alarm to inform owners that the sterilization method is complete. Another alarm system can help inform users that the sterilizer is hot. Some also comes with bottle brushes, tongs, and accessory tray.

The Five Best Bottle Sterilizers

*Feel free to check my detailed reviews below. You may also click on the links above and be updated on the current prices and see more reviews on Amazons.

This sterilizer makes use of the power of the microwave to produce natural steam. In order to use it, you will simply have to add water and place it right inside the microwave. Let the microwave do its job for just 120 seconds and the sterilizing method is done.As with other AVENT products, this sterilizer is developed through clinical trials and extensive research

The Upside

  • t sterilizers quickly and you would appreciate this if you have limited time for such chore
  • The compact design is a plus, especially for families who travel frequently
  • This could hold AVENT bottles, breast pumps, and other accessories
  • Since you would only be needed water, using this is highly convenient
  • You would feel at ease investing in such equipment since it comes with a 1-year limited warranty

The Downside

  • l You need to be accurate with the amount of water to use with this sterilizer because it could dry the bottled out
  • l The sterilizer is designed to accommodate only AVENT bottles due to the design and size

Fast and efficient sterilization process -- these are key principles behind the design of the Kiddiluv Microwave Steam Sterilizer. This sterilizer is compact enough to easily fit in any type or brand of sterilizer. It can easily produce hot steam to perform the sterilization in a few minutes

The Upside

  • You would appreciate how you could simply include all other accessories in the sterilizers (e.g. sippy cups, teethers, and breast pumps)
  • It could fit 6-10 bottles easily making it convenient to use
  • The large area right in the center could accommodate the pacifiers or nipples easily
  • It could also be used to sterilizer other household items and even medical devices typically used at home
  • Particularly liked how easy it is to clean after use

The Downside

  • It takes 5-7 minutes to sterilize a batch of bottles as compared to the usual 2-minute sterilization process of othersI
  • t doesn’t look sturdy enough for me

The Munchkin Steam Guard Microwave Sterilizer offers a safe way to get rid of the bacteria that could grow in bottles, teethers, breast pump accessories and even the small toys. There is no need to make use of any chemicals to sterilize your baby items if you choose to use this brand.

The Upside

  • I particularly liked the open-away latch which helps prevent accidents such as steam burns
  • You would just have to sterilize the bottles within two minutes and they could be used immediately
  • It accommodate different types of bottles--from the regular ones to the wide-mouthed kind
  • It comes with its own pair of tongs

The Downside

  • The water leaks all the time after it condenses
  • It could only sterilize 5 bottles at a time
  • It comes with heat-resistant handles, but they do not appear sturdy at all

The First Years Power of Steam Electric Steam Sterilizer is equipped with its own Steam Tower Technology which enables the equipment to produce steam directly inside each bottle to ensure that they are all sterilized inside and out.

The Upside

  • The technology used gives you a sense of relief since you’d know that each bottle is well-sterilized
  • It has a built in drying rack so you need not remove them individually for drying
  • You could simply pull out the tray after sterilizing to start drying the bottles
  • It is quite simple to use as you would not need any other cleaning agent to make it work

The Downside

  • It better works for short bottles, otherwise you would have to constantly adjust the middle rack to accommodate other types of feeding bottles
  • It is slightly clunky and the buttons were a bit tough to press

The Chicco NaturalFit Modular Baby Bottle Sterilizer offers versatility as it can be used in three different modes. These are the convenient full-size, the quick microwave mode, and the efficient compact one. The choice of modes depends on the load of bottles and accessories you wish to accessorize

The Upside

  • For Eco-efficiency reason, I was truly pleased with the Eco mode which enables me to sterilize the bottles while saving as much as 30% of the energy and time.
  • When in a hurry, you could opt for the Quick mode which only requires four short minutes to fully sterilize the items
  • It would be easy to check how much time have been spent on sterilizing with the digital screen

The Downside

  • It wouldn’t work without any electric sourceIt is designed to accommodate Natural
  • Fit bottles
  • You could not use it for items not intended for baby use

My Final Pick - Tada!


Firstly, I must admit how convenient it truly is to choose sterilizers that you could simply place inside the microwave. With such a simplified process, it is certainly convenient for mommies to clean and sterilize bottles without the use of complicated equipment.

With that being said, I would still choose the Philips AVENT Microwave Steam Sterilizer out of the five top sterilizers available today. Choosing a brand name that has been around for years and known for the extensive studies they perform, it definitely was an easy choice to go for AVENT. Sterilizing for only 2 minutes is a big help since it allows you to finish the task easily.

The size is a big plus for me since I enjoy traveling my little baby. It fits right inside a traveling bag and since microwave ovens are accessible, you can be sure that you would be able to use it with ease. Another reason I chose Avent is that I also prefer using the bottles due to the durability, design, and ease of cleaning.


The 1-year limited warranty is also one of the reasons I truly appreciate the brand. It would be immensely helpful also if the company would be able to develop a sterilizer that has more Eco-friendly features just like what the Chicco sterilizer has.

So, what do you think about my choice? Let me know and have a friendly debate on it. I hope that I have once again provided you with a great ‘baby shopping’ reference. If you are at the stage of finding the best bottle sterilizer, then by all means - feel free to view this post again. Thanks a lot and until next time.

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