A Comprehensive Guide On How to Choose the Best Breast Milk Storage Bags

Are you dedicated to exclusively breastfeeding your baby? If yes, then you need to find the best breast milk storage bags!

You may be asking—do you really need these breast milk storage bags? What are their advantages? And with all the brands in the market today, how would you know which is the best to use? If you wish to know the answer to these questions, keep on reading this comprehensive guide!


*Feel free to check my detailed reviews below. You may also click on the links above and be updated on the current prices and see more reviews on Amazons.

What Are Breast Milk Storage Bags?

Breast milk storage bags are bags made out of plastic that are designed to collect and store breast milk. The materials used in making this type of bag can withstand the challenges involved in thawing and freezing. In addition to that, these bags are equipped with reliable seals to prevent possible leakage.

As we all know, it is impossible for you to be with your baby all the time. For those times when you will be away, you can simply pump your breast milk and store than in these bags so your baby can be fed while you are gone.

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Why Do You Need Breast Milk Storage Bags? The Advantages You Need to Know!

But do you really need breast milk storage bags? Can’t you just use any bags or a feeding bottle for storing your baby’s milk? For your information, using breast milk storage bags are your best options when it comes to keeping your breast milk safe and secured for your baby’s consumption.

Because of this, it is one of the must-haves item for the breastfeeding mother. This is true regardless if you will be freezing or refrigerating your breastmilk.

Here are some of the reasons why

Space saving

If you plan on saving and storing lots of breast milk, the space saving features of this bag will come handy for you. This is because these plastic bags are quite flexible and are flat so you can just quickly pile them up on top of each other. As a result, you can maximize the space that your freezer has to offer.

Faster and easier to thaw

The bags are made of high-quality thin plastic material. Because of the thinness of the material used, the breast milk will be a lot easier to thaw as compared to the frozen breast milk that is stored in feeding bottles.


With feeding bottles, you need to invest time cleaning and sterilizing them. Since breast milk bags are disposable and pre-sterilized, you do not have to waste time washing and cleaning them.

More affordable

As compared to other breast milk storage solutions like feeding or plastic bottles, breast milk storage bags are a lot more affordable.


Let’s face it—you will feel a lot safer when you store your breast milk in these bags because they are already pre-sterilized, so you are assured that the milk will not be contaminated, ensuring that your baby won’t get any infection or diseases.

Easy labeling system

If you plan on stockpiling your pumped breast milk, you have to label them to stay organized. You need to indicate the date when it has been pumped and the volume of milk stored in each container so you will know which one you should first give your baby.

Lucky for you, breast milk storage bags have a space dedicated for this purpose, so you do not have to worry about looking for ways on how to label them.

What are The Features of the Best Breast Milk Storage Bags?

Breast Milk Storage Bags

Now that you know what the benefits of these storage bags are, you may be excited to go forth and buy one. But hold on a minute. First things first, you need to determine what are the features that the best breast milk storage bags should have. Well, here are some of them:

  • Stand up feature

Your storage bags spilling over should be the least of your worries now that you are a mom. To avoid the unnecessary mess, it is recommended that you opt for storage bags that can stand on their own so you can place them anywhere without having to worry about cleaning up any mess afterward.

  • Pre-sterilized

This is one of the advantages of using breast milk bags, but there are still some brands that do not have this feature. Avoid choosing bags that are not pre-sterilized. Opt for ones that are because they can make your pumping life easier as you do not have to carry out the extra work of washing and sterilizing them.

  • Quantifiable

When breastfeeding, it is imperative that you determine how much you are feeding your baby. Because of this, you need storage bags that will allow you to easy measure the amount of breast milk that it contains. That’s why you should opt for ones that display how many ml it contains.

  • Reliable Seal

Mess is a big no-no when you are a mom. And you will surely not want a leaking storage bag because it would be a complete waste of precious milk. Because of this, you should choose a bag with a leak-proof picture like a twist cap top or a double zipper.

  • Breast Pump Compatibility

To minimize the amount of spillage and protect your breast milk from possible bacterial contamination, you should opt for bags that are compatible with the pump that you are using as these can be easily attached to the pump.

  • Freezer-ready

If you plan on stocking lots of breast milk, you need to keep the bags in the freezer, and as we all know, not all materials can withstand the high temperature inside the freezer. Because of this, you should opt for ones that would.

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A Comprehensive Review of the 5 Best Breast Milk Storage Bags

Now that you know the basics, it is about time for us to get to know what are considered to be the best breast milk storage bags of 2017 along with its pros and cons.

*Feel free to check my detailed reviews below. You may also click on the links above and be updated on the current prices and see more reviews on Amazons.

If you are using the Medela breast pump, this is the ideal storage bag for you as you can attach it to the pump.

If you do not have a pump, you can save time as you can pump directly into it. The 50-count pack of Medela storage bags comes with 2 adapters that can be connected directly to the breast shield.

Mess will not be a problem since the bags feature an easy-close single-seal zipper top that does not leak and a stand-up design at the bottom to prevent spills. It is also safe for babies as it is certified BPA-free.

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The bags are also equipped with protective oxygen barrier which is useful in preserving the nutrients in breast milk and making it perfect for use in the freezer.

Packs may contain 20 or 50 pieces of bags.


  • Recommended for Medela pump users as it can be attached to the pump
  • Safe for baby as it is BPA free
  • ​Protective oxygen barrier which preserves the nutrients in breast milk
  • ​Double walled for long term storage
  • Stand up design on the bottom
  • Easy to label bags which makes organization easy
  • Pump directly into the bag


  • Tendency to leak because it only has a single seal
  • Can only contain small amount of milk (5 oz)• A bit stiff which makes it harder to close than other storage bags

With its reinforced side seams, the Lansinoh breast milk storage bags claim to be the most durable storage bags in the market. In addition to that, they feature a patented double seal design that prevents leakage and spillage.

The bags are designed to lie flat on a surface to help save space in the freezer or refrigerator. It also features a pour spout to ensure that no breast milk will be put to waste. The bags are certified 100% BPA and BPS free to ensure the health and safety of your baby.

One pack contains 100 pieces of storage bags.


  • Double zip lock seal to prevent leakage or spillage
  • Spout for easy pouring of the milk
  • ​Pre-sterilized
  • ​Easy labeling system for organization purposes
  • BPA- and BPS-free for baby’s safety
  • ​Packaged in easy-to-use dispenser
  • Lays flat which helps to save space on storage


  • Tend to leak a bit during the thawing process
  • Bags are made of thin plastic materials
  • Must be thawed lying flat

Leaks and spills will never be a problem, thanks to the double zipper lock and self-standing design of the NUK Seal N go storage bags. In addition to that, it is also equipped with a gravity-fed pour spout which prevents spills during transfer.

It also has a gusset-free design at the bottom to prevent milk from leaking in the corners of the bag. With these simple features, you are assured that this bag is 100% leak-proof guaranteed.

It also has a unique oxygen barrier design which helps to maintain the freshness of milk even after it has been frozen for a long time. It is also pre-sterilized, so there is no need for you to waste time cleaning and washing it before use.

The bag also displays easy-to-read fill lines that will tell you how much milk the bag contains. Each bag can hold up to 6 oz of breastmilk.

One pack contains 100 pieces of storage bags.


  • Double zipper lock for leak-free storage and thawing
  • Strong seams for durability
  • ​Stand alone design for a mess-free use
  • ​BPA free
  • ​Pre-sterilized
  • ​Made of thicker plastic material as compared to other brands
  • Unique oxygen barrier design to maintain freshness of milk
  • Easy-to-read fill lines to avoid overfilling


  • Hard to label
  • Can’t be attached to the pump
  • May accommodate more weight when standing

Bonafide is here with newly improved design features like the double zip seal for superior leak protection. It also now has a freezer burn resistant feature for safe storage even in the coolest places. The company also has addressed the requests of its clients with its perforated tear off the top for ease of use.

Safety is the utmost concern of the company, and that is why their bags are not just BPA- and BPS- free—they are also latex free! The bags are also pre-sterilized to avoid bacterial contamination and to eliminate the need for pre-washing.

More than that, the bags come with a non-toxic marker so users can accurately label the date and amount of milk that each bag has. It also comes with a pour spout to prevent possible spills during transfer of milk from bag to bottle.

The bags come with a money back satisfaction guarantee. One pack contains 110 pieces of storage bags.


  • Latex free which makes it safe for babies with latex allergies
  • Pre-sterilized to prevent contamination
  • ​Double zip seal to prevent leakage
  • ​Freezer burn resistant feature making it perfect for freezer storage
  • ​Perforated tear off design at the top for ease of use
  • ​BPS-, BPA- and latex-free to ensure baby’s safety
  • ​Non-toxic marker for easy labeling
  • Pour spout for spill-free transfer• Money back guarantee


  • Inaccurate measuring fill lines
  • Bags are soft and tend to be flimsy

Among the products on this list, it is the Mommy’s Precious Storage bags that can accommodate the highest volume of milk—8 oz or 250 ml. But even with its high volume, you will not encounter any leaks because of its double zip lock design.

The bottom part is gusseted, allowing the bag to stand on its own for easy handling and pouring of milk. The bags are pre-sterilized to provide ease of use. Even though it can stand on its own, the bags can lie flat during storage to save space.

The fill lines allow you to accurately measure the amount of milk the bag contains to ensure that the baby will get the right amount of milk that he needs. The bags contain no BPA, Phthalate, and latex for baby’s safety.’

The storage bags is recommended for mothers with toddlers who are still being breastfed. Each pack contains 110 pieces of storage bags.


  • Large milk storage bags that can contain up to 8 oz or 250 ml of breast milk
  • Recommended for storing breast milk for older babies
  • ​BPA, Phthalate, and Latex free for baby’s safety
  • ​Gusseted bottom for easy handling and to prevent spills
  • ​Pre-sterilized so no need for pre-washing
  • ​Lies flat during storage for your space-saving benefits
  • Accurate fill lines to avoid overfilling


  • Plastic material is too thick
  • Bags are difficult to open


Best Breast Milk Storage Bags

Your breastfeeding journey can be made more simple and efficient with the use of breast milk storage bags. But how do you know which one is the best breast milk storage bags for you?

To do that, you need to look for certain features. These are as follows: quantifiable, pre-sterilized, reliable seal, stand-up feature, freezer-ready, easy label system, and compatibility with your breast pump.

So, which of these breast milk storage bags has won this roundup? If you are using a Medela pump, there is no doubt that your best option is the Medela Pump n Save bags.

But if you are using a different brand of pump, the best storage bag is no other than the NUK Seal N Go bags because it has all the features mentioned above plus it has an oxygen barrier feature to help maintain the milk’s freshness.

If you found this article useful in finding the best breast milk storage bags, please feel free to share it with your friends! Who knows, you might be able to help another mom too when you do!

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