Unlock these 7 Super Easy Exercises to Induce Labor Naturally

The waiting game is almost over. From the moment you discovered you were pregnant and now you are just days away from motherhood. You are now down to the last week of your pregnancy and feeling heavy and comfortable. The problem is – your baby seems to be enjoying his or her stay in your warm womb. And as days pass by, you start to get anxious about it.

One of the most dreaded words of moms and mommies-to-be is ‘labor’. It is often associated with difficulties and pains that one woman experiences prior to delivery. If your baby has now reached his or her complete term (40 weeks), then it is completely OK to think of inducing your labor. Yes, you can do so and you may start by checking this list of 7 exercises to induce labor naturally.


7 Safe and Easy to Do Exercises to Induce Natural Labor

01. Squatting Helps Strengthen Your Pelvis

There are so many reasons as you should dispel the myth that squatting is unsafe during the pregnancy. The truth is squatting has several benefits and one of the biggest benefits is that it will help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles so you can be ready for birth just like how kegel exercise does to it.

Among the other benefits of squatting is that it helps strengthen your glute muscles. Having strong glute muscles helps your pelvis support the sacroiliac joint more efficiently. As a result, pain caused by the loosened ligaments is prevented or reduced.

Other benefits of squatting are that it helps you gain stronger leg muscles which will give you more endurance during the birth itself. This is particularly helpful for those who intend to give birth naturally and is preparing for birthing positions. Note that there are instances when squatting is not safe and these include cases of Vasa Previa and when the baby is in ab breech position.

The right squatting technique requires you to stand with your feet apart about shoulder width and start lowering yourself gently to squat position. Keep your back straight all the time. Get back to the standing position gently as well. You may opt to do a set of 10 to 20 squats per day.

02. Walking Helps Your Baby Get in the Right Position

It is no longer surprising to hear pregnant people being advised to walk as a form of exercise. It is a low-impact full body exercise which is great for inducing labor naturally, strengthening your cardiovascular muscles, and keep your body muscles tone. All of these are important in inducing labor naturally.

Walking helps increase the chances for a normal delivery. It also increases the flexibility while toning up your hip muscles. When this happens, you have a higher chance of easier and faster labor. Aside from this, walking can also be a good stress-buster. Due to hormonal imbalances, you could feel mood swings. Walking releases endorphins which help you feel better.

Walking also has another array of benefits for the pregnant woman. For instance, for pregnant women who have been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, walking can help them keep their ideal weight and lower down blood sugar level. One fund walking exercise is by going to the mall and check all the baby items you still need.

Walking can be done during the first, second, and third trimester. However, it should be noted that the amount of walking that can be done by each pregnancy woman is different from one another. Brisk walking for 20-30 minutes is safe. This is according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. If unsure, you have to check with your doctor also.

03. Climbing Up the Stairs Is Also Another Option

One of the reasons as to why many women tend to have difficulties giving birth is weight. Although you may have already gained a lot of weight, you need to give this form exercise a try as it could help you induce labor naturally and safely. This has a lot of benefits for you especially if the weight has become a problem.

Climbing can immensely help in maintaining your blood pressure. Moreover, it can aid your baby to be at the right position. Thus, it reduces the risk for a breech delivery. Another reason it helps induce labor the natural way is that it helps open up the pelvic region and trigger contractions to ease the labor.

04. Try Doing the Pelvic Tilt

Try Doing the Pelvic Tilt

The Pelvic Tilt another simple and safe exercise that can be quickly done at home. The good thing about this exercise is that it can help induce labor naturally. The requirements to do this exercise is simple as you would only need to find a good space so you could like on your back and bend your knees.

As you lie on your back, tighten your abdominal muscles and gently move your pelvis up. You hold this position for 10 seconds and gently go back t the first position. When you do this exercise, you help strain the muscle and loosen up the pelvic join so your baby can go into the proper position. This exercise can be done for merely 5 to 10 minutes per day. So, why not give it a try?

05. Sitting Exercises Strengthen the Pelvis

Surprise! Surprise! Yes, sitting can be a form of exercise, too. And this is immensely helpful in stabilizing your pelvis muscles. When you have gotten so large, going through labor can cause excruciating pain. Therefore, knowing the proper sitting position can help alleviate the pain as well as strengthen your muscles.

One simple sitting exercise to do is to use an exercise ball. Simply sit on it and maintain your balance. This activity would keep your pelvis aligned. You can do these in between your reps and rounds of other home exercises.

Other sitting exercises you could do are called the Tailor exercises. There are two different tailor exercises that can be safely done during pregnancy. The easier one is called the Tailor sit. To do this, you simply have to sit on the floor with both knees bent and the ankles crossed. Gently lean slightly forward but see to it that your back remains straight.

The Tailor Press, on the other hand, requires you to set on the floor with your knees bent but your feet should be together. Gently grasp your ankles and then pull your both feet toward your body. Your hands should be under the knees. Press your knees against your hands then do a counter-pressure. Do this for 5 seconds.

06. Sex is Another Labor-Inducing Activity

Sex is one strategy that both midwives and doctors often recommend. There are several reasons as to why sex is a good idea. For one, orgasm can aid in the stimulation of the uterine contraction which can trigger the labor. Another reason is that the semen can also aid in softening the cervix.

Another reason is that sex also aids in releasing a hormone called prostaglandins. The semen of the man has a high level of this substance. This substance is similar to those medicines used to induce labor at the hospital. What it does is that it helps ripen the neck or tip of the womb which makes it ready for dilation.

Another hormone that is released during sex is oxytocin which also triggers contraction. With these benefits, it makes sense to give this a try. You just have to be careful with the sexual position and make sure that it is comfortable for you and your belly.

07. Prenatal Yoga Can Help You Throughout the Pregnancy

Prenatal Yoga

Another option that mommies-to-be can try is prenatal yoga. This activity has been increasingly popular among women. It has been found that prenatal yoga has a plethora of benefits for both the mommy and the baby. No wonder many women are signing up for these classes.

Yoga has been known to be particularly helpful in resolving sleep-related problems, relieve stress, and reduce anxieties. For pregnant women, prenatal yoga is helpful in improving strength, improves the pelvic floor and muscles. In addition, practicing yoga also helps in building endurance which is essential during labor.

What To Keep In Mind Before Trying These Exercises

Trying These Exercises

There are several exercises you can try. However, it is important to keep in mind that how your body is responding to pregnancy or how healthy your pregnancy is should be your criterion before trying these exercises. Note that there are pregnancy conditions that would require a complete bed rest, and make sure you do not have any of these. More importantly, check the following:

  • Get your doctor involved in the decision making as to what type of exercise is good for you
  • If pain occurs during the exercise, stop immediately and have your condition pressed
  • Make sure you only use quality exercise tools or equipment

It is likewise important to remember that while strengthening yourself physically helps a lot in dealing with the pain of labor, you should be ready mentally as well. It is with the mental strength that you will be able to cope with the pain and the struggle more effectively. So, go ahead and cultivate the right mindset as you try these exercises that induce labor naturally.

For questions and comments, feel free to leave them in the comment section. Share this to your pregnant friends as well and help them prepare for the big day!

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