5 Super Easy Ways to Get Free Baby Bottle Samples and Other Items

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Let’s face it – having those free baby bottle samples and other baby stuff can truly be a great way to save money these days. With the rising cost of childbirth and child rearing, you would really want to save a few hundred of dollars whenever possible.

Aside from the saving, you can get from all these free baby stuff, another advantage is that you get to have a first-hand experience of how effective they are. This lessens that trial-and-error period and it certainly alleviates the need to throw away items that are not compatible with your baby.

The question now is – where can we get all these free baby stuff? Mommies, allow me to share with you a list of ways on how you could score the items. While I understand that you could be slightly skeptic about them, I highly advise that you go and give them a try. After all, what’s there to lose?


5 Methods to Score Free Baby Stuff

#1. Answer Surveys and Get Those Free Bottle Samples from Companies Like Avent

.  Answer Surveys and Get Those Free  Bottle Samples

Once in awhile, feeding bottle manufacturing companies like Avent offers free samples to mommies who are willing to answer quick surveys. Instructions are typically mentioned on their website or social media accounts. As a tip, see to it that you follow these companies’ accounts to know more about their promotion.

As the products are free, you will also be encouraged to share your experience after having your babies used their products. These can be done in the form of testimony, a blog post, or a simple comment on their social media platform. You would usually see a question related to this in the survey you would be asked to answer.

It would also be immensely helpful to constantly check free coupons from legitimate websites and magazines that you could get as perks from answering a survey. Some of these coupons would require you to print them while you could also avail of mailed coupons once you subscribe to the mailing list.

There are also some survey companies that conduct market research on parenthood and the use of products. You can participate in these and receive ‘points’ or rewards in exchange for your time. Usually, these rewards can be obtained in the form of electronic gift cards which you can then use to purchase baby items.

#2 Join Programs for Parents and Get Free Stuff

Get Free Stuff

One of a good example of a program for moms with a lot of freebies is the StrongMoms Program that was established by a reputable formula milk maker Similac. The program allows moms to receive different goodies – ranging from free baby bottle samples, coupon booklets, messenger bags and even a full-size can of formula.

Many of the free items offered by Similac’s StrongMoms program can be redeemed at local hospitals, doctor’s office, and some can even be mailed directly to the members. Aside from these goodies, another important advantage of joining the program is having the access to a number of resources that can be particularly helpful for moms and dads.

These resources include helpful tips and guides. Upon signing up, you can also be given useful nutritional information that is tailored to the growth of your little bundle. These pieces of information are particularly helpful for first-time moms who are in need of guidance throughout the pregnancy and first-time child-rearing.

You could also check some local training or parenting seminars in your areas. Most of these seminars are sponsored by companies that manufacture baby products. Parents who usually join such seminars often get goodie bags at the end which contains free items from bottles, storage bags, diapers, bathing items, and many others.

#3. Search All the Coupon Sites for Mommies

Coupon Sites for Mommies

Couponing is not just for groceries. You can also find several coupons that can be used to purchase baby stuff at a discounted price. Some would even allow you to get free baby stuff if you purchase a particular item. You can also check other sites that feature a list of sites where could find a lot of great deals.

You will be surprised by how much you can save using those coupons you can find online and in magazines. Websites such as hunt4freebies.com and valpak.com are just two of the many sites that offer a number of coupons and vouchers.

Couponing has a lot of benefits, and the biggest one is the savings you get. Many parents are also becoming more and more aware of the advantages of couponing. A survey conducted by Valpak reveals that couponing has both experiential and emotional benefits including the feeling of satisfaction, accomplished, being smart, and responsible.

To be more specific, 22% of the respondents reveal feeling victorious after using coupons. Almost half of them also mentioned that they feel ‘responsible’ whenever they use coupons. It was also revealed that female couponers are likely to feel more emotionally satisfied after using a coupon as compared to their male counterparts.

You could challenge yourself and see how much coupons and savings you can get when collecting and using these coupons. Let me remind you, though – it can be quite, but addictive in a good way. In no time, you will find yourself with a number of new baby stuff that you got either free of charge or at the lowest price possible.

#4. Some Free Formula Comes with Free Bottles Too

 Free Formula Comes with Free Bottles Too

Think of it as a package deal. When you search for free formula, you are likely to find deals that offer free baby bottles as well. There are several companies that actually give away free samples of formula plus other related items on a regular basis.

As mentioned earlier, Similac is one of these companies. The StrongMoms reward program is a good starting point where you could find free formula samples, bottles, and a whole lot of coupons. Another company is Enfamil.

When you request the sample from Enfamil, you are likely to receive vitamin drops, newborn nursing bottles, Enfagrow formula and infant formula as well. Enfamil also has a program called Family Beginnings which could allow you to get as much as free gifts worth $325.

Note that for this program, the coupons are not printable. You will have check both your inbox and mailbox. Once you sign up for the program, you are likewise automatically entered in the promo called Sweet Nursery Sweepstakes where you could earn a dream nursery package worth $4000.

Another way to find the free formula that would potentially come with free nursery bottles is by signing up to the mailing list of formula maker companies such as Parents of Choice. Some parents also call their local doctors to know where they could score free formula and other baby stuff.

#5. Have a Baby Shower and Get A Lot of Free Items as Gifts

Baby Shower

Baby showers are a great way to spend fun time with your friends, talk about your pregnancy, and yes – get a lot of free stuff from all the presents you will receive. You can set up a registry where your friends could check the items you wish to receive.

Planning a baby shower need not expensive. Yes, you can have baby shower parties for less these days Remember that your purpose is to save as much as you can from buying all those baby items. You can take advantage of free printable baby shower invitations, decor, and have easy-to-prepare food to save money.

When creating a registry for your baby shower, pay special attention to those that offer a free baby gift set when you complete the entire registry. Popular baby gift registries that frequently offer free baby stuff are Babies R Us, Target Baby Registry, and Walmart Baby Registry.

Most of the time, these baby registries also offer other perks. For instance, when you use the Target Baby Registry, you can receive a welcome gift of $50 worth of coupons. Moreover, there are handpicked samples you can get on top of the discounted items on your registry.

When using these registries, always check for the exchange or return policy. Also, there are downloadable applications which could allow you to create a registry even without having to go to the shop itself. This is a good way for pregnant moms to hunt down good deals even when it becomes difficult for them to move around.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot you can do to get free baby stuff. Being extra resourceful is the key. It does not matter where you live, you can still find good ways to obtain free baby bottle samples and many others.Your first step is to start signing up on those websites and get the resources you need.

I hope that enjoyed reading my list. You can start following each of them and start saving money on baby items. If you have questions or other suggestions, feel free to write them down on the comment box. Let’s exchange notes and help all the mommies out there to become smart spenders.

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