How to Get Pregnant Fast: 7 Steps Without the Need for IVF

Are you finally ready to plunge into motherhood? Are you starting to get curious what morning sickness feels like? If so, then, congratulations to you! Motherhood is an immensely beautiful journey that brings outpouring joy in your life. If you are truly decided on this matter, then the next thing you need to discover is how to get pregnant fast.

There are several factors that can impact your chances of getting pregnant. However, there are also some steps that you can follow to improve your chances of conceiving, and this is what I am about to shed light on. Let this steps help you embark on motherhood more easily and naturally or without the help of scientific breakthroughs such as IVF. Read on and be enlightened!


5 Steps to Getting Pregnant Fast

Step 01. Say adieu to Your Birth Control Pills

Say adieu to Your Birth Control Pills

Do this ahead of time. If you have been taking those pills for years, then it is time to prepare your body MONTHS or a year before you intend to finally get married. Say, for instance, if you wish to get pregnant at age 30, then make sure that you no longer take the pills at age 29.

The same step applies to other injectable birth control hormones. Your body will need time to readjust itself and to allow ovulation to take place more naturally. It has been found that 96% of those who were former pill users get pregnant within just the first year off the medication.

While you are preparing your body for pregnancy, take the time to read books that would help you understand the process of getting pregnant fast and using a natural approach. One example is the book ‘The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control, Pregnancy, and Reproductive Health’ by Tony Weschler.

This book is packed with information, chart, and guide that could help you become a mommy in no time. Finding similar books such as this one that has an enormous amount of relevant information and written in a humorous manner would make it easier for you to grasp the pregnancy process.

Step 02. Learn About Ovulation and Know Your Fertility Days

Learn About Ovulation

When it comes to pregnancy, timing is of the essence. Most women fail to get pregnant as they do not know their ovulation period. Without knowing the ovulation period, it would be difficult to determine when you are actually fertile.

If you have a regular 28-day menstrual cycle, then there is a high probability that will naturally ovulate on day 14. Note that your fertility window starts on the 10th day. In short, if you have sex about every other day between the 10th and 14th day, you are likely to get pregnant.

There are other physical indicators that could help you spot your ovulation period. Learn how to take your basal body temperature to give you some hints when you are about to ovulate.You would also notice that your cervical fluid tends to be more stretchy and thin during this period.

If your period does not come regularly, then you may ask your doctor about the best ovulation predictor kits (OPKs) you can use. These test kits can measure and predict ovulation more accurately. As there are two different types of OPKs, checking your doctor’s recommendation is highly advised.

Step 03. Know and Apply the Best Sex Session Position to Boost Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

Best Sex Session Position

Yes, know the sex Dos and Don'ts. Let’s begin with what you SHOULD do during sex. It is important to lie on your back after the session. This is because of the vaginal canal slopes downwards, so lying on your back will enable the sperm cells to swim more easily toward your egg. In addition, having sex before going to sleep is also advised as you will lie on your bed for hours after.

You should also stay away from using lubricants if you are aiming at getting pregnant quickly. The reason is that certain lubricants have a formulation that could alter the vagina’s natural pH balance. Furthermore, lubricants can also alleviate the motility of the sperm.

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Step 04. Make Sure Your Male Partner Also Does His Best to Keep his Sperm Healthy

Make Sure Your Male Partner

Needless to say, your male partner also has to ensure that his sperm cells are in the best condition to help your get pregnant fast. One of the ways to ensure the health of the sperm is to avoid deformity which reduces the chances of penetrating and fertilizing the eggs.

This could be done by consuming foods that are packed with lycopene antioxidant. In another Harvard study, it has been found that exercising can boost the sperm count by as much as 33%. The reason is that exercising increasing testosterone as it helps burn fat.

Improving the sperm’s mobility is also another key to getting pregnant more easily. If your partner is determined to boost his sperm mobility, then advise him to put the phone down more easily. In a research conducted at the University of Exeter in England, it has been found the cellphones is reducing the quality of the sperm by 8%.

Step 05. Get Tested for Pregnancy

Get Tested for Pregnancy

This is probably the most nerve-racking part of the process, but you need to know if there is finally a bun in your oven. You may opt to try some homemade test kits or get one of pregnancy test strips that you can buy over the counter.

You can start once you have experienced a missed period. However, if tests show ‘negative results’, do not get discouraged so easily. You can always try again. Seek your doctor’s advice on how to better improve your health and prepare your body for pregnancy.

Keep Trying, Moms and Dads!

Yes, this is the golden rule. Do not get stressed about not being able to conceive right away. Keep in mind that stress can also impact your chances of getting pregnant. So, as my final pointers here, remember the following:

  • Make sure you have ovulation and pregnancy kits ready to closely monitor your progress
  • Eliminate all possible stressors
  • See to it that you are also mentally and financially ready for parenthood

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