Do You Need to Know What Causes Hiccups During Pregnancy? Find Out!

When you are pregnant, you tend to be more aware of what is happening inside your body out of fear that it might affect you and your baby. Because of this, what seems like a normal occurrence before may now be a cause for alarm for you. One of these is hiccups during pregnancy.

Hiccups can be quite uncomfortable, annoying and bothersome when you have a growing child inside of you. Plus, it may cause you to worry about what is happening inside your tummy.

So you may be asking—what causes hiccups during pregnancy and what can you do to manage it? Well, those are the exact same questions that we will be answering in this article. If you wish to know more about this bothersome condition, continue reading!


What Causes Hiccups During Pregnancy?

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For sure, the first question that would come to mind is what causes hiccups during pregnancy? For your information, there are actually plenty of reasons why you are hiccupping on a continuous and regular basis. Here are some of them:

Changes in your breathing pattern

When you are pregnant, your body will tend to have a greater demand for oxygen than usual. In order to accommodate your needs, your lungs would try to provide more air—around 30 to 40% more.

The excess exhaling and inhaling that your lungs carry out will allow your body to properly function. However, this change in your breathing pattern may also lead to hiccups.

Increased awareness

As mentioned above, pregnant women tend to be self-conscious, and they begin to watch the changes in their bodies closely in order to ensure that everything is going well for their baby. Because of this, you will notice your hiccups more, even though they are a natural occurrence for you before.

The more you are aware of hiccups, the more prolonged you think they are. While this is understandable and completely normal, overthinking about your health may lead to stress and anxiety so you should try to minimize it as much as possible.

Is it Dangerous?

For sure, the next question that would come to mind is—are hiccups dangerous to you and yourunborn baby? While hiccups may be bothersome and annoying, these do not pose a significant threat to your or your baby’s health.

But if it persists and it has already become uncomfortable for you, it would be wise that you talk to your doctor about it. After all, it is only your doctor that is capable of giving you professional and sound medical advice that will make your pregnancy safe and comfortable.

What Can You Do About It?

While hiccups are not dangerous to your health, they can be a threat to your social life and your comfort, especially if they are persistent and they occur for a prolonged period of time. With that in mind, it is a must that you know how to properly deal with it.

To help you out, we have enumerated a few things that you can do to handle hiccups during pregnancy. These are as follows:

Drink iced water.

Drink iced water

This is actually the most common and simplest way to treat hiccups. In fact, this is the go-to remedy for most people with hiccups, even the pregnant ones. Make sure to down a glass of iced water in one go—within one breath.

In addition to that, many people also claim that gargling chilled water has been found effective in getting rid of unwanted hiccups.

These methods are considered to be effective because swallowing water may disrupt the hiccupping cycle and can quiet your nerves.

Place sugar under your tongue.

Place sugar under your tongue

To get rid of hiccups, just simply place a tablespoon of sugar under your tongue and wait for it to dissolve. Do not swallow it—just let the sugary liquid enter your body sublingually. It is much more effective that way.

This technique works simply because the sugar will overload your nerve endings and can prevent hiccups. This may be a problem for women who don’t like anything too sweet. If that’s your case, it is best that you follow it up with a glass of water right away.

This treatment will also be an issue for pregnant women with gestational diabetes. If you have that condition, you can opt for the other treatments in the list.

Do breathing exercises.

Do breathing exercises

Since hiccups are caused by changes in breathing pattern, it just makes sense that you use breathing exercises to get rid of them. Some of the exercises that you can do is to inhale and hold your breath for a while and slowly exhale it.

Another good idea is to breathe inside the paper bag. Many people claim that it is an effective move against hiccups.

Suck on a slice of lime.

Suck on a slice of lime

Just simply get a thin slice of lime and suck on it. If you think that the lime is too sour for you, you can opt to mix ginger, honey and lime juice. Drink it in one go and as fast as you can. Just avoid choking yourself as you do so.

Stick out your tongue.

Stick out your tongue

This trick may make you look silly, but many people can attest as to how effective this simple move can be. To do this, just simply stick out your tongue as far as you can. This move is said to be useful in easing your diaphragm, thus reducing your hiccups.

Just make sure that you don’t do this in public or other people might take offense.

Do the paper towel trick.

This is another move that may seem silly but is pretty much effective. Put a single layer of paper towel over your glass of water. Drink through the towel.

This technique works simply because your diaphragm will have to work harder to suck up the water. Plus, the concentrated gulping combats the spasmodic muscle movements that are brought about by hiccups.

Tickle your palate.

Many people would recommend that you look for someone who will tickle your soft spots, but since you are pregnant and your body may not be able to accommodate too much tickling pretty well, the next best thing that you can do is to tickle your palate.

You can do this by using a cotton swab and rub it in the soft palate at the roof or your mouth.

Keep in mind that hiccups will go away on its own after a while. But if your condition persists for a few minutes to hours, you can try the remedies mentioned above to stop it. If these solutions did not work, it would be best that you talk to your doctor about it.

A Surprising Trivia About Hiccups

Hiccups pregnancy

You think you already know everything you need to know about hiccups during pregnancy? Think again! I actually have one interesting trivia that may surprise you. What is it? Well, aside from your, your unborn child may also hiccup while he is still inside your womb!

If you have noticed a rhythmic twitching inside your abdomen-- those movements that feel like muscle spasms? Well, those are your baby’s hiccups!

Fetal hiccups, as they are called, usually begin during the second trimester and may persist up to the third trimester. Most moms start to feel these jerky movements during their 6th month but just like other pregnancy milestones, the time when you may feel it varies.

In addition to that, there are some fetuses who hiccups many times a day, but there are also some who do not get them at all, so you do not have to worry if your baby gets it or not.

However, it is critical that you understand the fact that daily fetal hiccups are not normal after your 32nd week. If at this point, your baby continues to hiccup every day and the hiccups last for more than 15 minutes, it is best that you consult with your doctor as this phenomenon is usually associated with umbilical cord issues.


What Causes Hiccups During Pregnancy

Hiccups during pregnancy may be bothersome, annoying and sometimes, downright embarrassing but they are not a cause for alarm. These are just normal reflexes of the body.

But what causes hiccups during pregnancy? Well, there are two things— the changes in your breathing pattern and your hyper-awareness of everything that is happening inside your body.

If you are already bothered by your prolonged and frequent hiccups, you can try getting rid of them using the techniques mentioned above. If they persist, you can talk to your doctor to determine what are the best steps that you should take.

Do you have any more questions that you wish to clarify? You can do so in our comments section! I will be waiting for you there!

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