Three Effective Methods on How to Get Rid of Baby Hiccups

As a mother, you would want to make sure that your baby is feeling comfortable at all times. That’s why it does not come as a surprise that the sound of your baby hiccupping can send you into panic mode.

Hiccups are quite common in babies, but it can be bothersome to mothers. Because of this, you might be looking for ways on how to get rid of baby hiccups. Well, worry not! I am here to help you out! This article will tell you everything you need to do to get rid of your baby’s hiccups.


If you are ready, let’s get started!

What You Will Need

Before we get started on our simple tutorial, let us first take a look at the items that you will need to get this mission done. Here are some of them:

  • For Method #1: Sippy cup/ Baby Bottle
  • For Method #2: Burp cloth/ cloth bib

The Step-By-Step Guide on How to Get Rid of Baby Hiccups

There is not just one way on how to get rid of baby hiccups. Below, I have enumerated a few of the most effective methods on how to stop hiccups.

So are you ready to put an end to your baby’s misery (or at the very least, discomfort)? If so, then here are the steps that you need to take.

Method #1: Change the Feeding Habits of Your Baby

Change the Feeding Habits of Your Baby

Some of the causes of baby hiccups are eating too quickly or swallowing lots of air. Because of this, one of the best ways on how to get rid of baby hiccups is to change the feeding habits (frequency, position or duration) of your baby. Doing so can minimize gas inside your baby’s tummy.

Step 1. Breastfeed him.

When your baby swallows too much air, stomach distention takes place, and it will cause the stomach to push against the diaphragm, causing it to spasm which may lead to hiccups.When you allow your baby to drink a small amount of breastmilk in the slowest way possible, it will give the diaphragm time to relax a bit and to revert to its normal movement.

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Pro Tip: When breastfeeding your baby, make sure to place him in an upright position.

Step 2. If your baby is bottle-fed, then give him a drink.

In the event, if your baby is not used to being breastfed, it is best that you give him infant formula in a bottle but feed it to him in the slowest way possible.

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Pro Tip: It is recommended that you use a nipple adapter for this. You can also opt for a sippy cup if your child is already of age.

Step 3. Slow down your feeding.

As mentioned above, one of the reasons why your baby has hiccups is because of the fast intake of too much milk. To address this, you should slow down your feeding.

You can do this by feeding your baby only half as much as you used to. If you are worried that he might get hungry, you can feed him twice as often. This is a lot better than feeding him a lot in just one sitting.

Step 4. Ensure that your baby is latched on to your correctly.

Improper latching may also cause gas to enter the stomach which may result to hiccups. Because of this, it is important that you make sure that he is latched onto you properly.

One good way to do this is to observe if your baby makes any gurgling or gulping sounds when he is feeding. If he is, then you need to find latching techniques that will address the problem.

Method #2: Burp Your Baby

Burp Your Baby

Burping your baby helps him to release the air trapped in his stomach. This will give your baby time to digest some of the milk and prevent him from being too full.

There are actually 2 ways on how you can burp your baby. It is best to try both so you can determine which one is most comfortable for your baby.

Burping Technique #1: On your chest

Step 1. Hold your baby against your chest in a way that his chin will be resting on your shoulders.

Step 2. Use one hand to support his head and shoulders.

Step 3. Use your other hand to gently pat his back and wait for him to burp.

Burping Technique #2: On Your Lap

Step 1. Place your baby face down on your legs in a way that she will be laying down across your knees.

Step 2. Use one hand to support his jaw and chin and gently lift your baby’s head at a height slightly higher than his body.

Step 3. Use your other hand to gently pat his back and wait for him to burp.

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Pro Tip: Make sure that you put a cloth bib on your baby or you can place a burping cloth on your shoulder or lap so it can catch any spit-up that your baby will release.

Method #3: Massage Your Baby’s Back

Massage Your Baby Back

This works by loosening the tension in his diaphragm that may have caused the hiccups.

Step 1. Keep your baby in an upright sitting position.

Step 2. In the gentlest manner, rub his entire back (from the shoulders to the lower back). Make sure you do this in circular motions. Avoid putting too much pressure when you do this.

Step 3. Do this for a few minutes or until your baby stops hiccupping.


Get Rid of Baby Hiccups

Watching and hearing your baby hiccup can be annoying and worrisome. For sure, you would want to find a way on how to get rid of baby hiccups as soon as possible. You can do that simply by following the steps and tips that I have mentioned above.

Did you find this tutorial useful? If so, please share it with your other mommy friends so they can get rid of their baby’s hiccups too!

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