Sore Throat During Pregnancy: How to Deal?

What was your worst experience during pregnancy? Honestly, for me, it was not about the morning sickness or the back pain. It was when I had a recurring sore throat during pregnancy. It was, indeed, an additional struggle and unnecessary stressor to deal with as a pregnant woman. And no, we don’t want that!

While there is really no link between pregnancy and sore throat, pregnant women are not spared from the discomfort of this condition. So, before you pop and antibacterial pill and put yourself and your baby at risk, let us discuss what this condition is and how to deal with it more effectively.


Nature of Sore Throat and the Natural Cure

Allergies and other infections could cause inflammation of your throat causing it to be painful, sore, or itchy. One of the main conditions associated with it is strep throat. Strep throat is characterized by discomfort caused by the presence of bacteria in the throat and in the tonsils.

When your sore throat tends to be difficult to bear and is accompanied by a runny nose and frequent sneezing, you should see your doctor immediately. This is because a sore throat you are experiencing could be caused by viral infection and not a bacterial infection.

Home Remedy for Sore Throat

Needless to say, the first option to take is to go for home remedies for a sore throat rather than taking medicines. For instance, avoiding cold drinks is one of the best ways to aggravate a sore throat. At the onset of the symptoms, you can also increase your fluid intake which helps flush toxins, hydrates the membranes, and break down the mucous.

Another common method that provides immediate relief is by gargling with salted water. This can be done several times a day and can provide temporary relief. Some also add a pinch of turmeric powder or cayenne powder.

If you suffer from chronic sore throats, then one trick you can do is to add a humidifier in your room. What it does is that the moist air it produces can help your mucus membranes stay moist which could alleviate the symptoms. You may breathe in steam if you do not have a humidifier at home.

Another home remedy you can try to relieve the discomfort of a sore throat is by making a tea. Yes, tea with added lemon and honey is one of the safest options you have. Lemon helps break the mucous which aggravates a sore throat. Another tea variant is chamomile. Both lemon and chamomile are featured in the book “The Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies”

Strep Throat During Pregnancy

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It is normal to be extra worried when you feel anything beyond normal during pregnancy. Understanding the symptoms would enable you to take the first steps towards recovery. For pregnant women, there are several symptoms that could possibly pinpoint the presence of strep throat.

Aside from pain the throat, these symptoms may include a headache, lack of energy, pain, and discomfort when swallowing, swollen and red tonsils, loss of appetite, and excessive sweating. Others may also experience enlarged lymph nodes, difficulty breathing, and even abdominal pain.

How to Treat Strep Throat When Pregnant

There are times that when a sore throat gets severe, you are bound to take the next option which is to use analgesic, paracetamol, or antipyretic drugs. Note that these are all completely safe and can be bought over the counter. However, you could still go to your doctor for a quick visit if you are after a more definitive cure.

Contrary to many belief, pregnant women can actually take antibacterial for this type of infection. However, there are only certain types that can be taken. Here’s a warning – any form of self-medication during pregnancy is highly prohibited. It is imperative that only doctor’s advice and prescription be followed when taking any medication.

Note that overdose of antibiotics can pose harm to your health and to your baby’s as well. On the other hand, if you take lower than the recommended dosage, this would also lead to recurring infections, and you will have to undergo longer treatment for it.

So, you may now be asking – which antibiotics can be considered safe for expecting mothers like me? Here’s a comprehensive list of your antibacterial medicine which your doctor may possibly require you to take to address strep throat.


This is one antibacterial medicine that has been proven safe. Animal studies reveal that even with 10 times the human dose, the medicine shows no effects on the development of the baby. As with any medication, this is typically given only when deemed necessary.


This is the type of antibacterial that is considered safe since it is not absorbed by the placenta and does not cross the fetal tissues. Moreover, studies have revealed that the intake of this drug is safe and does not impact fertility. Your doctor will tell you if you really need to take this medicine.


As with Cephaline, this antibacterial medicine is considered safe as there have not been any problem or health issues that could impact pregnancy. However, do know that one of the side effects on this medicine is diarrhea. There has also been studies proving that this medicine could pass into breast milk in a small amount.

Are You Suffering from Sore Throat Now?

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OK, mommies, if you are now plagued with the discomfort of caused by a sore throat, then keep in mind the following tips:

  • Go for natural home remedies ( tea, humidifier, etc)
  • If a sore throat is accompanied by sneezing and fever, see your doctor right away
  • NEVER take any medicine which is not prescribed by your doctor

To avoid having to deal with a sore throat again, be extra careful when going out where you can contract any disease that could prompt the onset of a sore throat. Make sure that you frequently wash your hands and keep yourself hydrated.

More importantly, never hesitate to see your doctor. Remember that your doctor plays a massive role in your journey to motherhood.

Stay safe, mommies! Drop your questions and comments below and I will make sure that I will get back to you.

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