The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Bassinet For Your Beloved Baby

One of the most challenging to do for us, moms, is finding the best products that our baby would love. In many cases, it takes more than just the visual appeal to purchase an item. So, when it is time to go baby shopping, you should also be ready to find the best bassinet for your little one.

Although, you would still encounter parents who would go for a crib rather than a bassinet, keep in mind that choosing the latter has several benefits.For one, it is highly advised that you share room or co-sleep with your baby during his or her first few months.

Another upside of using a bassinet is that if you happen to have a small room, then opting for one would only require minimal space. Moreover, if you intend to have a C-section, having your newborn sleep in your room would be utterly convenient for you as well.

With all these benefits, the real question now is – how can you find the best bassinet for your beloved baby? Allow me to shed light on this subject and let me walk you through the different key factors that you need to consider in purchasing that ideal bassinet. Moreover, we’ll take a closer look at the best 5 bassinets available today.


Top 5 Factors to Consider When Shopping For Bassinet


Safety Above All Else

If there is one criterion that would be on top of my list, that would be safety. Whether it is for sleeping or any gear such baby jumper, it is imperative that you be extremely careful in searching the safest item possible. For sure, you would want your baby to be utterly protected from any sleep-related injury or mishap.

When it comes to safety, the mesh walls and the mattress are two of the components you need to look into. The safest bassinets come with mesh walls that allow sufficient airflow. So, when your baby’s face is accidentally pressed against the wall, you can be sure that he or she would not have any problem breathing.

Having firm and a thin mattress is another component to check. This can drastically reduce the risk of SIDS. It is also important to check on which type of board the mattress rests. It is better to get a bassinet that makes use of CARB Phase 2 Criteria boards as they only emit the safe amount of formaldehyde, unlike the MDF boards.

The Size and Weight of the Bassinet

For convenience of use and ease of traveling, double check both the size and the weight of your prospective bassinet. A huge bassinet will not only be difficult to travel with but would also cause inconvenience to clean it up.

If your room is on the second level of your home, then it would be easier to get something light and easy to dismantle and assemble. When thinking about the size, also think of other related factors such as the width of your hallway, the type of car for traveling, and of course, the size of your own room.


The Portability of Your Bassinet

Related to the item above, portability is certainly one of the main reasons why parents are choosing to purchase a bassinet over a crib. When checking some items at the Department Store, you should see if it can be folded or dismantled quite easily. Also, see if it comes with a traveling bag and if you can easily place it in the trunk of your car.

One point you should keep in mind though is that the portability should not outweigh the sturdiness of the gear. You may want to check if there are smaller parts to be detached in order to fold a bassinet or break it down. If this is the case, then considering checking other brands as these could be choking hazards for babies.

The Materials Used in Manufacturing the Bassinet

As newborn babies tend to sleep most part of the day, it is needless to say that bassinet material will come into contact with his or her delicate skin. Therefore, it is recommended to find a product that is tested safe for baby.

A bassinet made from clean material should be considered primary by all parents. From the frame itself down to the textile used, these should all be chemical-free. Note that babies exposed to chemicals at such as young age are at risks of developing asthma, cancer, allergies, attention deficit disorders, and other autoimmune disorders.



Cleaning is not the most fun part of parenting but is certainly one of the most important. As we, parents, do not really have an abundant of time to spare for cleaning, it would be immensely helpful to find a bassinet that is also designed to be cleaned conveniently and easily.

When checking a bassinet, know the best way to clean it. See if there are plenty of parts to be removed such as the lining and the cover of the mattress. Find out also if you can clean the ‘bed part’ all at one or if it has to be dismantled first.

Entertainment Features ( Rocking and Sound)

Although bassinets are generally designed for babies to sleep on, it is also a big plus to find one that has several other features. For instance, the rocking motion has been found to be helpful in putting a baby to deep sleep easily. So, if your bassinet allows you to do this, then that is a big bonus.

Some bassinets also let your baby enjoy some other features such as a nursing timer, a nightlight, or a calming music. Innovative solutions are now likewise incorporated into several baby gears such as the bassinet. While these features are not considered ‘priorities’, they are certainly a big plus for your baby.

A Closer Look at The Five Best Bassinets Today

*Feel free to check my detailed reviews below. You may also click on the links above and be updated on the current prices and see more reviews on Amazons.

Arm’s Reach is one of the brands known to have a range of products focused on a complete sleep system for babies. The co-sleepers manufactured by the company are literally designed for moms or dads to reach over to your baby when it is time to sleep or simply play with him or her.

The Upside

  • Due to the mesh wall, you could have a 360 view of your baby whether you are in bed or anywhere in your bedroom
  • Unlike other bassinets, your baby could use this up until he or she is 5 months old
  • This is one product that could help you draw the line between room-sharing and bed-sharing
  • I particularly liked the storage basket as it made it easier for me to travel with it
  • It comes with a leg extension that is equipped with wheels so you could move it around

The Downside

  • For fussy babies, this might not work as it does not have the ‘rocking’ feature
  • The leg extension does not feel sturdy, so I opted to remove it
  • Another reason I preferred not to use the leg extension is that the wheels seem to get stuck easily

Graco Pack N Play proves that you need not purchase several gears to provide your baby a place to sleep on or just nap and a place to play. It makes an ideal companion as you would not need to bring multiple gears when you need to travel on the weekend or be away for a longer period of time.

The Upside

  • You would instantly feel how sturdy the built is as it does not come with flimsy components
  • The legs could be automatically folded via one push of a button which enables you to pack it right away
  •  It comes with a toy bar where small soft plushes could be attached

The Downside

  • It is just as big as a full-sized crib, so it could take up massive space in a small bedroom
  • Cleaning is a bit tough as it takes time to remove all the textile and reattach them again
  • Although the legs fold up automatically, you need to exert a lot of effort to actually fold it and pack it away

The unique feature that the Halo Bassinet has is that it is by far, the only one, that could rotate or swivel 360 degrees. You could sleep with your little baby as close as you one while reducing the risks linked to bed-sharing. The bassinet would ensure that your baby has his or her own space.

The Upside

  • You would not feel that cleaning this bassinet is a breeze since it is made from polyester which could be cleaned with the use of a damp cloth
  • It is not bulky and could fit right into a small room
  • If you have a fussy baby, he or she would love the calm music and the vibration
  • You would not miss nursing your baby as this bassinet is equipped with a timer

The Downside

  • If your baby quite big for his age, then he might outgrow this bassinet quickly
  • You could not completely submerge this into water due to the electronic components

Delta Children has been in the business of producing furniture products that are suitable for early childhood years. The Sweet Beginnings Bassinet comes with removable canopy and leaf pattern on the fabrics.

The Upside

  • Your baby would love the pre-loaded lullabies and the nightlight
  • As it is made with polyester fiber pad, you could simply dump into the washing machine for cleaning
  • When used outside the home, you could make use of the storage area underneath for space
  • When purchased online, you might be eligible for replacement parts

The Downside

  • You wouldn’t see the baby without literally standing as the walls are not made from mesh fabric
  • Although the canopy is removable, the bassinet itself is hard to collapse making it difficult to travel with

The BABYJORN Cradle is both a rocker and a bassinet in one. As a rocker, it helps soothe your baby with gentle rocking motions. You could place it right next to the bed to co-sleep with your little one. This model can be used by your baby up until she or he becomes 6 months old or when your baby is 18 lbs heavy.

The Upside

  • You would love how the canopy that comes with it helps block ambient light in the room
  • It is lightweight and can literally be carried to and from any room
  •  It comes with machine-washable fabrics and mattress cover
  • The materials used are all tested for safety

The Downside

  • The legs do not have wheels, so you would need to literally lift it to transport it
  • You could not simply reach to your baby at night, you would still need to get up and get to him or her
  • It is quite pricey as compared to other bassinets

Here’s My Final Verdict, Moms!


After checking all five bassinets, I would not lie that I instantly loved the Arm's Reach Concepts Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper, I liked the simplicity of the product and how it can be used as an extension of my bed. It feels as though I am sharing my bed with my baby without having to worry about the risks.

Moreover, it has satisfied 4 out of the 5 factors which makes it one practical choice. Also, it is quite affordable as compared to the others I hope that you liked this review and that I was able to help you with your decision. Feel free to share your experiences, too. Until next post, moms!

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