Can I Use Hydrocortisone Cream While Pregnant? Yes and No!

During my first pregnancy, I remember being extremely cautious of everything – from the food I eat, the clothes I wear, and to every product I use. I couldn’t help but be obsessed with researching before trying or putting something on. After all, I wanted my baby and myself safe all the time even when people think I am being TOO careful.

Were you just as paranoid as I was? Hey, no judgment here – and it is always better to double check everything than putting yourself and your baby at risk. As I have an extra sensitive skin, one of the first questions I had in mind was ‘ can I use hydrocortisone cream while pregnant?’ Let me share what I have discovered.


Let’s Review First What Hydrocortisone Is and What is Does

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Hydrocortisone comes in topical corticosteroid which works by reducing the redness, swelling, and itching of the skin. It comes in small tubes and can be easily purchased even without any prescription. As a little amount of hydrocortisone can get its way to the bloodstream, it could possibly interact with other medicine.

Therefore, prior to using this, you should disclose any medicine you are taking. Furthermore, if you intend to breastfeed in the future or are currently pregnant, be sure that you are checked by your doctor first before applying this cream.

How to Apply This Cream

how to apply this cream

Your doctor can give you directions on how to use the hydrocortisone cream. On the other hand, you can also rely on the dosing instructions indicated on the packaging. Also, never use this cream on open wounds or in areas close to your underarm, groin, and face unless directed by your doctor.

It is also a must to let your doctor know if you intend to be vaccinated or when you need to undergo any emergency dental or medical care. If the skin problem persists even after using the cream for two weeks, then head back to your doctor for the further check.

To apply this cream, use a small amount on the affected areas to thinly cover it. Do this about 2-4 times every day depending on the severity of the skin condition. Never use this beyond two weeks or as prescribed by your doctor. Any adverse conditions you experience after using this should be reported immediately to your doctor.

Possible Side Effects of this Cream

Aside from knowing how this cream works, it is also important to be aware of the potential side effects it may have. For people who are allergic on certain drugs, you need to disclose the information to your doctor before purchasing the cream. Moreover, if you experience any of these side effects after using this cream, seek medical attention right away.

Examples of side effects to watch out for includes thinning of the skin, nausea, blistering of the skin and heartburn. Some people have also experienced increased sweating, trouble sleeping, and even changes in the menstrual period. Do not take these side effects lightly. See to it that you let your doctors know if any of these happens.

A Doctor’s Recommendation

A Doctor Recommendation

There are medical professionals who are also recommending the use of hydrocortisone cream to pregnant women. One example is Dr. Linda Stein Gold, a director at the Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit. According to her, she treats her pregnant patients who are suffering from eczema using hydrocortisone.

In addition, she also stressed out the importance of seeking your own doctor’s advice when it comes to the use of topical corticosteroids. There are also products that tend to be milder, but also offers the same effects as hydrocortisone. The use moisturizing bath with oatmeal is a prime example.

She also stressed out that in order to reduce itching and irritation of the skin, wearing cotton-made or any breathable fabric would immensely help. Another advice given by the said doctor is to avoid any soap or personal care products that are heavily fragrant. Keeping the skin moisturized is highly advised as well.

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Other Safe OTC Treatments for Rashes During Pregnancy

The quality of the skin tends to undergo certain changes as well during pregnancies. Some pregnant women are prone to rashes or skin irritation. The good news is, there are rash treatments aside from hydrocortisone which are proven safe and effective and can be just bought over-the-counter.

It is imperative that you read the packaging as to the proper way of applying these creams and the right quantity to use. I cannot stress enough the importance of seeking your doctor’s approval before using them. Remember that every pregnancy is different. Some pregnant women tend to become more sensitive to certain creams.

One example of a safe OTC cream is Benadryl cream. It is NOT SAFE to take Benadryl medicine orally, but the cream is perfectly safe to use during pregnancy. Caladryl is another common anti-itch cream that is completely safe to use. Another option is to take an oatmeal bath to reduce the swelling and itchiness of the rashes.

Let’s Recap, Moms!

So, there - yes, you can hydrocortisone while pregnant. It is, however, important to remember that any cream or OTC treatment should be used with utmost caution during your first trimester. This period is crucial to your baby’s development and exposure to certain drugs may have an impact. If your doctor says you can’t use due to your condition, then it’s a NO for you.

If you have been experiencing any skin problems, you may likewise opt for more natural remedies if you are not entirely comfortable using any cream. However, if your doctor gives you the green light in using quality hydrocortisone cream, then go ahead and purchase yours today. Note that you can further help yourself by choosing lighter clothes made from breathable fabric.

If you are wondering if I used one – yes, I did! I purchased the brand that my OB-Gynecologist and dermatologist prescribed, and it has immensely helped me deal with eczema and the skin rashes. I hope this post has been helpful. Let me know about your experience, too. Leave your comments and questions below!

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