Is It Really Safe to Buy Chamomile Tea for Babies? Know the Truth Here.

When it comes to trying chamomile for babies, I am certain that you and all the other mommies out there tend to be a bit skeptical. I know so as I have been there myself. In my quest to finding safe, non-medication alternatives to give my baby, I came across the wondrous uses of chamomile tea.

I am sharing these to provide you with the excellent and natural remedy for several issues you may be facing with your baby. However, you should bear in mind, that what works for one baby does not necessary mean it would work for others.


The important thing is that in deciding to give you little one some chamomile tea, have your pediatrician involved in the process as well. Allow me to walk you through to the benefits your baby can get from chamomile tea.

Chamomile for Colicky Babies

Colicky Babies

Although crying is perceived as normal and natural method for babies to convey their message, uncontrollable and prolonged crying can trigger anxieties to parents. These babies are considered colicky if they cry non-stop for about three hours are more.

When babies cry for a long time, they tend to experience pain discomfort at some point. One of the most commonly known benefits of chamomile tea is that it eases the stomach discomfort experienced by colicky babies. While the main cause of colic remains a mystery for many doctors, one of the possible reasons is the presence of digestive issues.

Since chamomile tea has properties that relieve stomach pains, this eases the discomfort experienced by babies. Moreover, this tea also aids in improving the baby’s sleep, the same effect it has on adults. This is why several other baby products also make use of chamomile flowers or leaves as one of the ingredients.

Studies have revealed that chamomile can immensely help in ending bouts of colic episodes. This herbal tea is also considered a good home remedy for common stomach problems in infants. However, see to it that you are not overfeeding your baby with this tea. Anything excessive is never a good idea to give to your little one.

Other Uses of Chamomile Tea for Babies

Aside from easing the stomach pains of colicky babies, chamomile tea has been known to help baby sleep better. As a natural sleeping aid, it is an ideal and a natural way to ensure that your baby has sufficient sleep he or she needs. After all, a well-rested baby is a happy baby, so this is certainly worth a try.

The German chamomile variant can also be used to treat skin conditions that can inflict babies and young children. These include eczema, psoriasis, and chicken pox. It is also used to soothe skin irritations and rashes caused by frequent use of diapers.In these cases, chamomile can be used as an infusion or bath.

Babies who are teething can likewise benefit from chamomile. Teething causes a lot of discomfort on babies which could sometimes lead to fever too. Once your baby starts teething, remember to use chamomile tea as an alternative and a much cheaper option than soothing creams.

To use this a soothing solution, simply get a washcloth and have it sterilized. You can then soak it in your prepared chamomile tea. Make sure it is in room temperature. Have your little one suck on it. Of course, you may still opt to go for modern teethers if you find it more convenient to have.

Recommended Quantity of Chamomile Tea for Babies

Recommended Quantity of Chamomile Tea for Babies

Chamomile tea in room temperature should be given in small quantity when your baby is having an episode of colic. About 2 ounces of tea should be sufficient. The same amount can also be given to toddlers who have the upset stomach.

It is understandable that parents may be highly concerned about the safety of the baby when fed with this herbal tea. Allergic reactions could happen but only on very rare occasions. To keep any adverse effects at bay, always seek further advice from your own health care provider. Also, once skin rashes are seen after giving your baby chamomile tea, stop it right away.

It is like wise important to remember that chamomile tea should only be given to babies of at least six months old. Another word of caution is to make sure that you only purchase the tea from a trusted source. This will help you ensure that the tea is made from the purest form of the herb. Check reviews and discuss with your friends who have used it to understand how it works.

A Look at the Wonders of Chamomile

The use of herbs has been documented to be in use for thousands of years. Herbs such as the chamomile have been integrated to both traditional and non-traditional medicines for over 5000 years. The popularity of the use of herbal medicines has been explained by the efficiency as well as the minimal side effects.

Chamomile is ones of the most widely-used and oldest medicinal which have been noted for several healing applications. The dried flowers are rich in flavonoids and terpenoids which are two properties that are effective in managing ailments such as fever, insomnia, gastrointestinal disorders, hemorrhoids, and even muscle spasms.

At present, there are also cosmetics and aromatherapy products which make use of essential oils extracted from chamomile. This is one of the most recently discovered uses of chamomile extracts.

Other Alternative Medicines for Babies

There is no denying that chamomile has a plethora of benefits and is considered absolutely safe for babies to consume. It is also important for moms and dads to know that there are other natural home remedies you can use for babies aside from chamomile tea.

The use of alternative medicine practices is increasingly becoming popular since many parents are starting to gain interest in them. These include the use of probiotics, homeopathy, and aromatherapy. The Vice-chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), Dr. Lawrence Rosen, reveals that such interest in coming from the families.

Note that these alternative medicines should also be used with guidance from your own doctor in order to guarantee that these drug-free alternatives would be given to your babies with utmost care. It is also imperative to know how these alternatives should be given.

The Probiotics

These ‘good bacteria’ are an excellent help in improving the baby’s overall immune system. According to a renowned pediatrician, Dr. Hilary McClafferty of the Chapel Hill, North Carolina, about 70% of the human immune system is centered in a person’s digestive tract.

There is a compelling research that reveals how probiotics can significantly reduce the duration of diarrhea in infants. Another reason to try this is that it also helps to relieve colic in babies. Know that about 28% of all infant are colicky or they experienced prolonged crying.

In finding the right brand, you should check your doctor’s recommendation. As they are several probiotics products found in supermarket and pharmacies, it is always safe to go for your doctor prescribes. Moreover, up can also seek advice on the best way to administer it to babies.


This is one medicinal system that is recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration which requires the use of natural or nontoxic ingredients in minimal amount. How it works is quite similar to how vaccines work. A natural substance is used which will allow natural healing of the body.

Homeopathic remedies are beneficial to both mothers and the babies. For moms, it helps in the healing of the wound caused by childbirth. In addition, it has also been found to be helpful in healing mastitis, a common breast problem among mothers.

For babies, homeopathic remedies are used to help address colicky babies. Also, these remedies can also help provide comfort for teething babies. Also, these can promote good sleep for babies, which can be particularly helpful for moms and dads.


Another non-medicine system that helps reduce stress and other ailments in babies is through aromatherapy. This method requires the use of soothing scents to help promote both psychological and physical wellness. There are four primary uses of aromatherapy – to reduce pain, to relieve congestion, to eliminate headaches, and to aid in a good night sleep.

Final Thoughts

Chamomile Tea for Babies

Times have changed, and the landscape of medicine is slowly shifting from conventional ones to more natural alternatives. The use of chamomile tea and other home remedies prove that these natural ingredients will continuously be part of our lives regardless of how technology and science could influence us.

If you are ready to embrace a more natural option to address your baby’s health needs, see to it that you discuss this thoroughly with your doctor. When all is OK, then you can start going back to Mother Nature and take advantage of the natural medicines she can offer.

I hope that you did enjoy reading this post again. I am excited to write the next one. While I am working on it, feel free to share this one and to leave your comments or questions below. Enjoy and I look forward to reading your messages and comments too.

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