Should Falling During Pregnancy Worry You? Find Out Here

Hey, mommies! Have you had a terrible experience such as falling while taking a bath or missing a couple of steps on a stair while pregnant? Accidents happen and that’s for sure. Even if we try our best to avoid these mishaps, there is no guarantee that we would experience a worry-free pregnancy.

falling during pregnancy

Maintaining your balance during pregnancy becomes a daily struggle especially during the second and third trimester when you become 25-35 pounds heavier. This is because your center of gravity and changes and your body needs to cope with it.

Needless to say, this increases your risk of falling during the pregnancy. The question is – should your be bothered when this happens? What are the possible complications of falling? How are you and your baby protected? All of these will be answered here. So, read on and be informed.


Let’s Check the Possible Complications First

  • Roughly about 27% of the all the pregnant women experience a fall while being pregnant. So, do not worry as you are not alone. Depending on how hard you took the nosedive, you may or may not experience certain complications.
  • When you fall hard and ends up on a certain angle, this could expose you to certain risks including placental abruption, fetal skull injury, broken bones, and mental stress. Among those who experiencing falling while pregnant, 10% seek immediate care.

Should You Be Worried Then?

  • If you only fall slightly and are able to protect your abdomen and your behind from hitting the floor hard, then there is no need to be worried. You should know that a pregnant body is equipped with several safeguards that are designed to protect you and your baby from any form of shock.
  • For instance, the amniotic fluid serves as a cushion that reduces the impact of your fall on your baby. Moreover, your uterus is made of strong muscles that also keep your fetus safe during a fall. Moreover, it would also be helpful to know that your good reflex can help you take actions quickly during a looming accident.

Would It a Doctor’s Appointment Still be Necessary?

When you only had a minor fall, seeing a doctor would not be necessary. However, if you feel uneasy about it, then there’s nothing wrong about booking a doctor’s appointment. Now, if after your fall, you have noticed certain symptoms or abnormalities, then going to your doctor is an absolute must.

falling during pregnancy

There are occasions that seeing your doctor becomes non-negotiable. These include having a fall that took a direct blow to your abdomen. If your fall causes vaginal bleeding or leaking amniotic fluid, head to the hospital right away. The same advice is given to those you experience severe pain in the stomach or pelvis after the fall.

If your accident leads to contraction or if you noticed that your baby is not as active as he or she used to be, then wait for no further and contact emergency help right away. As the mother, you would know if something feels off after an accident –whether minor or major, has occurred.

falling during pregnancy

When you head to the hospital, you can expect several tests to be done. Yes, you and your baby will be both tested for injuries. For you, you will be checked whether you sprained or broke a bone. This is necessary to determine the appropriate treatment for you.

Your doctor will then check your baby. It is likely that he or she will check your baby’s heart tone or rate with the help of either an ultrasound test or a portable Doppler. If your doctor sees any abrupt changes on your baby’s condition, then you can expect him or her to suggest treatment.

How You Can Protect Yourself From Accidents Such as Falling

No one can predict accidents, but it is certain that they can be prevented by taking some measures. Simple preventive measures such as avoiding wet or slippery falls are one effective way to reduce the likelihood of accidents.

You can say goodbye to your high-heeled shoes or wedges for the time being as they could contribute to accidents. Wearing non-skid socks or shoes at home would also be helpful. Avoiding walking in the rain or carrying heavy stuff that could make you lose your balance are also suggested.

If you have a poor balance, avoiding the stairs could help as well. However, if it can’t be helped, making use of the handrails would help keep yourself in balance. If you have been going to the park or grassy areas, try lessening it as you could trip on rocks. Make sure that your walkways are well-lit as well.

Aside from protecting yourself from experiencing a bad fall, you should also see to it that you are protected from any other possible accidents during pregnancy. Driving, for instance, should be avoided if not completely necessary. Shopping alone when you need to carry a bunch of stuff can also make you accident prone.

A Quick Summary

falling during pregnancy

To answer the question whether you should be worried when taking a fall during the pregnancy or not, the answer is – IT DEPENDS! Yes, it depends on how bad your fall is. If it is light and you do not experience any problem after, then you can take it easy and no need to worry.

If something feels off after the fall, heading to the hospital would be your best option. So, to recap, please take note of the following:

  • Purchasing your own pairs of non-skid socks would be helpful, so make sure you include it on your shopping list
  • Although this is not necessary, having your own Doppler at home and listening to your own baby’s heartbeat can be particularly comforting
  •  Always include emergency numbers in your speed dials to be able to call for help in case of emergency

Safety is paramount, and I wish you all the safest pregnancy possible. Let me know what you think of today’s post. Better yet, write your questions and comments, and I would love to connect with you!

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