How many Crib Sheets do I Need? You’ll be Stunned to Know

Are you still confused whether to purchase additional sheets for your baby? Are you worried that you may be going overboard with the baby stuff shopping? Don’t fret. This is one legitimate concern that many parents have. Of course, we do not want to have too much or insufficient stuff for our babies.

Let’s face it – one of the priciest items in our baby stuff shopping checklist are the crib sheets and blankets. Moreover, it takes the time to wash them especially if you intend to do it manually alongside other baby stuff such as clothes. These two factors are among the biggest ‘leads’ you need when deciding how many of them do you need to buy.

I did my own research and discussed with moms who have had the same concern in the past. Finally, after all the discussions and researching, I was able to come up with the answer to the question – how may crib sheets do I need? Read and be guided.


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The Laundry Talk

This is one of the deciding factors you need to know. Ask yourself this question – how often do you really do the laundry? If you are keen on doing this every after 3-4 days or weekly, then you wouldn’t need so many sheets after all. However, busy moms cannot always do laundry on time.

Crib bedding, including the sheets and mattress pad, need to be changed about once or twice per week. They collect dust and needed to change and laundered frequently to avoid becoming a breeding ground for microscopic life.

When sheets are not changed for a long time, it could be a hotbed for bacteria, fungi, body excrements such as sputum, sweat, urine, and even pollen and animal dander. This is according to Philip Tierno, a pathologist, and microbiologist from the New York University School of Medicine.

The same principle applies to baby crib sheets as well. They become prone to parasitic, fungal, and bacterial growth if used for a long time. You would want to protect your little bundle of joy from all of these, right? Therefore, being able to change sheets twice a week is highly advised.

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Babies and Allergens

Another reason to buy more than two sheets is to reduce the likelihood of development of allergies in babies. When a crib sheet is used for a long time, dust mites could, a type of microscopic organism could thrive on it. These dust mites give off feces that could be carried through the air as well.

Aside from dust mites, pollens could be collected in sheets that have been used for a long time. When the pollen floats in the air, it could be inhaled by your child. Both pollens and dust mites are two culprits of allergy development.

Note that you do not need to have an allergy to react to dust mite feces and pollens. Even a healthy normal person could experience stuffy nose when exposed to these allergens. For babies with weak respiratory health, the presence of these allergens could exacerbate their conditions. So, it is crucial to ensure that they use clean sheets all the time.

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Types of Crib Sheets To Use

Another factor to consider when deciding the number of sheets to purchase is the type of bedding. One type is a mattress pad covers. These covers have elastic edges so they could fit over the crib mattress. These crib mattress pad cover or protectors are designed to be breathable and waterproof.

It would be helpful to have at least two of these. As they are waterproof, you need to change them as frequent as you should if you are using the all- fabric sheets. As these covers are durable and engineered to last, there is no need to purchase multiple sheets.

Another advantage of purchasing this type of mattress cover is that it has a backing that keeps it in place even when you have an active baby. A low-heat mattress pad is ideal for baby use as it does not overheat and does not damage the waterproof film.

Another type of crib cover are the fabric-made fitted sheets. These covers are made from lightweight flannel, woven cotton or cotton blends. Having three of them is considered a good investment. In order to keep them in good condition, always see to it that you laundry them as per the instructions provided.

Aside from the crib sheets or mattress covers, you also need to consider purchasing swaddle wraps or modern wearable blankets. These are also good alternatives if you do not wish to invest in a lot of sheets. In addition, they are safe to use and are widely available today.

Regardless of the type of crib sheets you intend to purchase, it is highly suggested that you use the organic kind to ensure that there are no residues of chemicals in the fabric. Also, these are a better option for babies who have sensitive skin.

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How many is really needed?

To wrap up, having about 2 to 4 of these crib sheets is sufficient to use. You can save money by investing in good quality covers that would make these sheets last for years. Although it can be pricier than most sheets available on the market, investing in mattress pad covers is still cost-effective in the long run.

I hope that you have not started shopping yet. It is also my fervent hope that you take into account the tips and information I mentioned above. To sum up, make sure you keep the following pointers in mind:

  • Know what type of covers you want
  • Determine whether you intend to do the laundry weekly or biweekly
  • Never forget to change sheets at least twice a week

If you have questions or any comments, please know that you can also leave them in the comment box, and I will get back to you. Feel free to share as well. Until next time, mommies and daddies!

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