How to Clean Pack n Play in Just 7 Easy Steps

Have you tried cleaning your baby’s crib and ended up ruining it instead? Yes, I have been there. Being a first-time mom, I admit that I had to experiment or learn to do things myself. However, that after a couple of attempts, I finally learned how to clean pack n play crib that my son used properly.

Truth be told – tidying up is the least exciting part of parenting. This chore can be tedious, time-consuming, and simply energy-draining. Cleaning every inch of the crib is not exactly the most exciting task to do. Putting it back together after cleaning is just as painstaking.

However, you have to remember one thing: no matter how tough the task is, we cannot discount the fact that it is an absolute must ensure that your child’s use a clean crib all the time free from ay bacterial or parasitic build up.

Vacuuming and simply wiping will not do. There are parasites and bacteria that could only be killed with the right detergent, hot water, and prolonged washing. If you are ready to learn how to keep your baby’s crib squeaky clean, see the easy-to-follow tutorial below.


What You Need to Clean Your Child’s Crib

In order to clean your Pack n Play crib, you need a space big enough to clean it without having to dismantle it piece-by-piece. In this tutorial, we are going to teach you how to clean it right in your own bath tub. Aside tub, you also need to prepare the following:

  • Baby laundry detergent or any mild cleansing detergent of your choice
  • Half cup of white vinegar
  • ​Sponge or scrub for the rails
  • ​A pair of rubber gloves
  • ​A quarter cup of baking soda
  • Hot water about 1-1.5 foot deep, enough to submerge a collapsed crib

If you have all of these ready, then you are all set to start the cleaning process. See to it that your baby is in a safe place and is being taken care while you clean his crib.

Here are the 7 Steps You Need to Follow

Step #1. Remove all the items and detachable parts of the crib.

Step 1 remove all the items and detachable parts of the crib

Source: Walmart

The first step is to strip the crib to its basic structure. This means you need to get rid of the side flaps, the toy bag, the bedding and mattress, and the detachable bassinet. This item should be cleaned separately. Also, remove the toys and other items that may have gotten stuck in the corners.

After the whole cleaning process is done, you can put everything back together. Follow the instructions on the manual came with the crib itself when purchased.

Step #2. Wash all the blankets, flaps, and sheets.

Step 2 Wash all the blankets flaps and sheets

Source: Daily Mail

Prior to washing the main crib, you need to start washing all the detachable components. Wash the blankets, sheets, and the mattress cover in water of at least 130 degrees in temperature with baby-friendly detergent. Washing them at this temperature of higher would help kill dust mites and get rid of their feces.

These dust mites are considered as the leading cause of asthma development in children. After washing, you can washing dry them as well. Set them aside until they are ready to be used again.

Step #3. Wash the mattress used in the crib.

Step 3 Wash the mattress used in the crib

Source: Walmart

Vacuum the mattress to remove the dust, dirt, and debris. Make sure you do the same on the other side. In a container, add about a tablespoon of bleach-free detergent to 5 cups of warm water. Dilute it well before applying to the surface of the mattress. Make sure that you use your rubber gloves to avoid direct contact with the detergent.

Using a sponge or a clean cloth, dip it gently into the solution and scrub the mattress. Scrub in one direction and see to it that you do not over-saturate the surface as it could harden it and make it more prone to mold production.

Flip the mattress and do the same on the other side. Check all stains. You can dampen stained area with lemon juice and soapy water to remove it. Time to dry the mattress under the sunshine.Setting it under the sun more effective in removing stains as it works as a natural bleaching agent.

You can use a fan to dry it more quickly. Once it is dry, sprinkle it of baking soda over the mattress and allow to stay under the sun for additional two hours. The baking soda helps eliminate any distinct or lingering odor such as the smell of curdled milk, baby drool, or urine.

Step #4. Time to wash to the main crib

Step 4  Time to wash to the main crib

Source: Pinterest

While you are allowing the bedding and the mattress to dry, you can start working on cleaning the Pack n Play crib. Start by filling the tub with hot water. The water should be around 1.5 feet in depth or enough to submerge the collapsed crib in water.

Slowly add the white vinegar and the baking soda. With gloved hands, mix the solution well. Slowly place the entire crib and allow to sit there for 30 minutes. While waiting, you can check all the other components that are still drying.

After half an hour, you can go back and check the crib. You would find that the water has now discolored due to the dirt. Scrub and wipe all the corners of the crib using a scrub or sponge. Clean including the wheels and the areas that are usually covered by the flaps and toy bags.

Step #5. Rinse and dry it outside

Step 5 Rinse and dry it outside

Source: Best Pack N Play Reviews

If you are satisfied with how clean it looks now, you can rinse it by hosing it down. Drying would take time so make sure that you place at a good spot under the sun. You can wipe the end tubes and the wheels. Check if has completely dried by running your fingers on the cloth part.

Step #6. Get ready to reassemble it.

Step 6 Get ready to reassemble it

Source: Graco Baby

Once it is dry, then you need to reassemble it once again in the room. Grasp gently the bottom part of the two top rails, and pull it slowly until it clicks. Now, pull the other two sides until they latch. See to it that the top rails are stable.

You can pull one corner up while you push the center of the crib. Place the tubes back together as you did during the first time you installed the crib. Once the tubes are latched together, you can place the side flaps of the bassinet. Add the toy bag on the side.

Get your washed fitted sheet and cover the mattress. Place it in the crib and make sure that the corners are well-placed. Double check that all Velcro are attached well.

Step #7. Put your other baby stuff back to the crib.

Step 7 Put your other baby stuff back to the crib

Source: Pinterest

Put the pillows back or your baby’s favorite toy or teether. Make sure that everything else is clean and dry before placing your baby back to the crib.

Important Points to Remember

Aside from cleaning the Pack N Play crib, you need to keep in mind a few pointers to make sure that the crib is safe to use after putting it back together. For instance, make sure that you use the Velcro patches you can find underneath the mattress to keep the bassinet mesh in place.

Prior to putting it together again, double check every corner of the crib and see if there’s any missing parts, loose joints or protruding edges. Aside from the mattress that is specially built for this type of crib, never add any extra padding that could be utilized by your child to climb out of the crib.

To ensure the safety of your child, never place him under the bassinet. While this product can be used for multiple purposes, always see to it that your child remains supervised. Also, when your child is about 14 kgs, you should start keeping him off the crib.

To also boost the safety of your child, never use any alternative mattress for this particular product. This is to avoid suffocation hazards. See to it that the only mattress you use is provided by Graco. Water mattresses are also found incompatible with this product.

Final Pointers for Moms and Dads

Thoroughly cleaning the crib at least twice a month is highly recommended. I cannot stress enough the importance of rinsing every component well before air drying them. You do not want your child to be exposed to the cleaning detergent residues.

While I know how tedious it is to clean the entire crib and all the components, keep in mind the reason why you need to do it. Yes, cleanliness is paramount to the overall health of your child and you would want to ensure that he or she is in a clean, tidy, and organized environment at all times.

Allowing 2 hours every other weekend is sufficient to clean the entire Pack N Play crib. That’s a small amount of time to invest in ensuring your child’s safety and health. If you have questions, feel free to drop me a line or two. Let’s connect, moms and dads!

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