How To Get Baby To Sleep in Bassinet in 5 Ultra Practical Ways

One of the biggest issues that first-time parents revolve around the idea of sleeping – how to make a baby sleep or where to put him to get the best quality sleep possible. Without any doubt, it would be essential for your newborn to share the room with you during the first few months of his or her life. This is also recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Allowing you baby to sleep in a bassinet offers several advantages. For one, it is one practical solution if you do not have a spacious room. Secondly, it is an ideal choice if you want something more portable and affordable. Thirdly, it is much easier to lay him or her down and pick your baby up again. The next step is to explore how to get baby to sleep in the bassinet. Here are 5 practical steps you can check.


5 Steps to Getting Your Baby to Sleep in a Bassinet

Step 01. Get Your Baby Accustomed to A Sleeping Routine

baby yawning

Understanding the sleeping patterns of newborns is one fundamental information you need to know if you want to train him or her to sleep in a particular spot. Creating consistent routines and establishing cues would enable your baby to get sleep and expect that he or she is about to be placed in a bassinet.

An example of a typical routine involves bathing, changing the diaper, feeding gentle rocking, and playing a lullaby.To be able to help your baby get accustomed to a specific sleeping routine, you need to know and recognize different signs of sleep readiness.

These signs include yawning, rubbing the eyes, looking away, and getting fussy. When you see these signs, you would know that your baby is about to fall asleep.

Step 02. Lay Your Baby Down While He Is Still Awake

It is important to remember that you should place your baby in the bassinet while he or she is still awake. This is a crucial step in sleep training as you would not want your baby to get used to getting held while being put to sleep. It is recommended that you do this before he or she turns 6 weeks old.

little baby to sleep on his own

It is important to teach your little baby to sleep on his own, although most of the newborns are likely to get asleep while being nursed or given a bottle of formula. At night, after he or she has finished his milk, change his diaper, and slowly lay him down in the bassinet. Do this while he is still drowsy. This would enable him to adapt to the sleeping environment more easily.

Step 03. Time to Swaddle Him Up

Swaddling your baby or wrapping him up in a receiving blanket has been proven effective in calming fussy and sleepy babies. Doing this has several benefits. As babies generally feel more comfortable in a squashed environment, they tend to sleep more easily and longer when swaddled properly.

baby swaddled

In addition, swaddling can likewise reduce the startle reflex that typically wakes babies up. You can swaddle your baby while he or she is in the bassinet. You can try several techniques to swaddle your baby up, but make sure you get trained to do it first to avoid any injuries.

Improper swaddling may result in hip dysplasia or when the soft cartilage located in the hip sockets gets damaged. Also, see to it that you have sufficient swaddling blankets and have the right type so your baby would not get too hot when swaddled.

Step 04. Address the Separation Anxiety of Your Baby Through Lullaby or Reading

Separation Anxiety of Your Baby Through Lullaby

It is possible that your baby would experience a bit of anxiety coping with the day-to-night transition. This is why night time can be particularly difficult for them. Since your little one has gotten used to your voice when he or she was still in your womb, you can use it to further help him sleep and train him to sleep in a bassinet.

You can do by reading him a story or singing him a lullaby. This would allow them to feel your presence even when they are already in the bassinet, and would make them sleep more easily. Also, there are several other benefits of singing to your baby and you should talk advantage of it. One of which is about being able to help your baby develop his or her language skills faster.

Step 05. Ensure a Comfortable Sleeping Environment

baby in bassinet

The sleeping environment is also paramount in making sure that your baby will fall into deep slumber easily. The bassinet should be free from toys or other items that could distract your little one. The temperature in the room should be comfortable for the newborn.

Furthermore, you should also pay close attention to the length and weight requirement of the bassinet so ensure that your baby still fits comfortably. Note that at some point, you will have to transfer your baby to a crib.

It is likewise important to pay attention to your baby’s cries at night. Crying is an indication that something is not right and whatever it is, should be addressed immediately.

Final Thoughts

baby sleep in bassinet

If you are yet to purchase your baby items, you may want to include a good and sturdy bassinet in your shopping list. This would help you train your baby to sleep and at the same time, be able to monitor him or her at night during the first few months.

You should also keep in mind that training your baby to sleep in a bassinet could be challenging especially if your baby has other conditions that you are yet to discover. Therefore, be sure to cut yourself some slack if you are unable to achieve this right away. Patience is certainly one of the most important weapons you need to combat frustration at this point.

Have you experienced any difficulties in putting your baby to sleep? What did you do? I hope you could share them as well and let’s exchange notes. Thanks for reading again and I hope that this was a helpful tutorial for you. Until next time!

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