How to Make A Baby Sneeze in 5 Super Safe Ways

Seeing your baby suffer from colds or stuffy nose is just truly heartbreaking for any mother. The mere sight of witnessing the discomfort and pain in brings to your little one can keep your sleepless and restless. For sure, stuffy nose, allergic reaction, and colds can affect your baby’s overall mood, breathing, and feeding.

I am the type of mommy who is downright scared to give my baby some medication no more mt how ‘safe’ they are said to be. So, it is highly important to know the safe route on how to make a baby sneeze effectively and bring comfort.

Sneezing is one of the most important elements of the immune process as it clears the nose of viruses and bacteria. In addition, sneezing is one of the fastest methods to get rid of allergens and about 100,000 germs right into the air with the amazing speed of 100 miles per hour. Get to know how you can trigger your baby’s sneeze using the following steps.


Five Easy-to-Follow Steps On How to Make Your Baby Sneeze

Step 01. Before Opting For Any Tool, Try Some Sunshine First

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You may be surprised to hear this, but sunshine can actually make your baby sneeze. About one out of three people are considered ‘photics’, or people who sneeze due to the bright sunlight. The term is derived from the Greek word which has a direct translation of ‘of light’.

Babies who possess light sensitivity have entered these from their parents. So, if you are one of those, then it is likely that you can make your baby sneeze by exposing him or her to early morning sunshine. Note, however, that you should also do this with a case. Using sunblock cream that is specially formulated for babies is highly recommended.

Aside from helping your baby to have the urge to sneeze, exposing your baby to morning sunshine would likewise be helpful for the absorption of Vitamin D. Exercising sun safety measures should always be observed if you opt to take this measure.

Step 02. Go For Baby-Safe Saline Nasal Spray

Using saltwater mist solution of saline nasal spray is one of the ways to make your baby sneeze and to clear his or her stuffy nose. You can purchase these nasal sprays over the counter or online. It is important to follow the usage instructional completely to ensure effectivity of this solution.

To use this, hold your baby upright, and gently squirt on the saline spray into each nostril. Next is to lay your baby down for a minute to allow the solution to work. The salt water solution will then loosen the mucous and thick secretions, and eventually stimulate the baby to sneeze.

Go For Baby Safe Saline Nasal Spray

Step 03. Try Homemade Saline Solution

If you have not purchased a saline nasal spray, you can also create your own solution at home. To do this, you simply have to put one cup of water into a pot and add about ½ teaspoon of table salt. Boil for a quarter of an hour. Set aside to cool before using it.

You may also opt to create your own solution by using lukewarm distilled water and add a pinch of salt. You can use a plastic eye or medicine dropper to put the solution into each nostril. After squirting the solution lay him down and wait for the solution to take effect.

It is important to know that you should discard the unused homemade saline solution after 24 hours. This is due to the fact that bacteria can also grow in the solution and therefore can no longer be used once infected.

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Step 04. Use a Nasal Aspirator to Stimulate Your Baby to Sneeze

You can try using a nasal aspirator to also make your baby sneeze and get rid of the thick mucus. Know that there are several types of aspirators. Some of them can be used with saline sprays while others are used to simply suck the mucus plug out of the nose.

If you opt to try the first with the saline spray, then choose the one that is highly recommended by your doctors. Make sure that you also use the product with utmost care as you do not want to injure the nasal cavity of your baby. Being able to use these nasal aspirators correctly will not only get rid of the mucus plugs that irritate your baby but will also help her get an urge to sneeze.

Nasal Aspirator to Stimulate Your Baby to Sneeze

Step 05. Use Steaming Methods To Help You Baby Breathe More Easily

One of the reasons for allergic reactions, cold, or stuffy nose is having dry air. To help combat this and to get your baby to sneeze, you can try different steam clean methods. For instance, you can use a vaporizer or diffuser at night while he sleeps. These can help in thinning the secretions and making it a lot of more eager for your baby to cough and sneeze.

Another method is by giving your baby a quick steam bath. The steam would clog your baby’s breathing passages and help him or she breathe with more ease. Giving your little one with plenty of fluids would also help ease this problem.

Use Steaming Methods

Are You Ready to Try These Steps?

If so, then always bear in mind, that going for more natural options when helping your baby sneeze and breathe more easily is always a better option. Knowing what also triggers your baby’s stuffy nose or allergic reactions would inevitably help you make all the necessary changes you need to make at home. The causes include baby detergents, allergies, dry air, and more.

Another pointer is to invest in a good vaporizer or diffuser and to keep a nasal spray handy so you could immediately address your baby’s discomfort. If you found this tutorial helpful, feel free to hit SHARE and help out all other fellow mommies. Moreover, if you have questions or comments, let me see them so we can discuss this topic further. Until next time, mommies!

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