Why My Baby Won’t Take a Bottle (and What You Need to Know to Make Him Take It!)

Being anxious when your baby won’t take a bottle is understandable, especially for first time parents. There is this fear that your baby is not getting the right amount of nutrients for optimal growth. Nobody wants their babies malnourished, right? And we have this fear that not feeding our baby is negligence!

But there are other things and factor why your little one won’t take a bottle. So, why won’t your baby take a bottle? Is this normal? What should I do when my baby won’t take a bottle?


Is It Normal for Babies to Resist Bottle Feeding?

For starters, especially for exclusively breastfed babies, a phenomenon such as this usually happens as you switch them to bottle feeding. These angels don’t know that the bottle is the alternative feeding method!

Why My Baby Won’t Take a Bottle? Know the Reasons!

Breastfeeding is not just putting milk on your baby’s mouth. It’s an intimate bonding session between you and your little angel. But when it’s time to go to work, switching to a bottle is ideal and convenient for moms. Surprisingly, your little one would not take a bottle!

Crying newborn baby girl with nursing bottles

1. A bottle is foreign to them.

An artificial nipple, no matter how much closely they resemble the feel and texture of your nipple, is still a foreign object to them. Even us adults are skeptic when we are given an object foreign to our knowledge! Same goes with your angel. It takes a while getting used to it!

2. Established habits are a little hard to break.

Babies don’t know much early in life and the only thing they rely on is instinct. Your instinct, and their instinct.The intimate skin contact between you and your baby is a signal that it’s time to latch on your nipple and get fed.

Initially, your baby would not understand the mechanics of feeding from a bottle because this is something that breaks their usual routine and they don’t know it yet.

3. A traumatic experience may have led to this.

This is highly unlikely, but it could happen. Maybe your baby had an unpleasant experience with bottle feeding and he remembered this all along.

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How to Make Him Take the Bottle! Here are The Surprising Solutions!

According to Dr. Michael Zollicoffer from Herman and Walter Samuelson Children’s Hospital at Sinai, Baltimore, the primary concern of parents when switching is they tend to get worried too much at the first distress sign of their baby.

Babies, especially infants, don’t have any other means to communicate rather than cry. We strongly associate crying to some trouble when in fact, they are just giving us a cue. They may be just hungry, or cold, or hot, uncomfortable, or needs a diaper change.

When trying to switch to a bottle, the natural tendency for the baby is to resist what is foreign and stick to the habit. Your baby may start to cry and, naturally, you offer your breast for relief. This is perfectly normal and falls within the norms.

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Mother feeding baby with milk bottle
  • Overcome your instinct.

Your baby may continue to cry over the attempt of giving him a bottle. But if you can be strong enough to resist giving in and offering your teats, your little one will eventually understand that the bottle is an alternative relief for hunger.

  • Experiment with different brands of teats.

There are a lot of teats to choose from. The manufacturers have long been trying to copy the natural feel of the real nipples. But sometimes, your baby won’t take the most sought after brand. Don’t hesitate to try something else. Try a different brand or a different shape. This may help you address this issue.

  • Fire yourself!

For all you know, your baby is smart. Having a mom around means an unlimited supply of milk! Why would your child bother from an alien source of milk? Now, an effective way to address this to remove yourself from the equation. This leaves your angel no choice.

Dr. Sears claim that the best move is to let the father take over feeding time and introduce the bottle. This gives your baby a straightforward choice! Dad doesn’t have a breast to latch on! Just a handy bottle that spews milk!

  • Optimize your position.

Sometimes, it is ideal to copy the same position you do while breastfeeding. This gives your child a familiar stance which can either facilitate bottle feeding. But sometimes, this is not the case. The familiar position reminds your baby that the bottle is a foreign experience.

Try looking for some other breastfeeding positions that may help you feed your baby. Keep in mind that the head should always be higher than the body to avoid aspiration.

Pro Tip: Have Daddy hold your baby in a breast-feeding position while the bottle is tucked under the armpit. This somehow copies your position while feeding the baby!

  • Desensitize with a pacifier.

The only thing that feels natural in your baby’s mouth is your teat. Other than that, everything else is foreign. If you plan on switching to bottle, a pacifier is a handy tool to help you desensitize your baby’s mouth. From time to time, introduce a pacifier to make them comfortable with how it feels.

Parent, may you need:

baby boy holding baby bottle


Breastfeeding is the best way to give nourishment to a baby. But sometimes, our busy schedule won’t permit us to do so, thus, the need to bottle feed them. There are times you would wonder “my baby won’t take a bottle, is that normal?”.

Surprisingly, you are not alone with this question! In fact, many moms have already faced this! The thing is, this is a normal occurrence for breastfed babies and there are ways to deal with it!

Have your husband introduce the bottle, this gives your little angel no choice! Or simply not giving in when your baby cries will give you a short window to show your little one how the bottle works!

Have you found this useful? Share this to all the moms you know so that they can learn too! Leave a comment bellow and I will get back to you soon!

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