When To Start Buying Baby Stuff? Here’s A Practical Advice

What could be more exciting than shopping for cute little items? Especially for new moms, buying new gears can be just too irresistible. However, with today’s increasing pregnancy cost, it may be more practical to put your baby shopping on hold for a while. So, when to start buying baby stuff? Read on and learn.


Going on an unplanned shopping spree can lead to wasting so much money that you could have used on more important stuff such as medical checkups, prenatal tests, and save for delivery. In order to avoid this, I have come up with the practical guideline on pregnancy shopping as a whole.

Shopping List for the First Trimester

Let me be blunt – you need to think of yourself first during this time. Your shopping list for the first trimester should include items that would help your body go through the initial changes brought about by pregnancy.

To start off, you need to purchase a good pregnancy book. Classic books such as Vicki Lovine’s The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy would help understand pregnancy without all the scary medical terms. Another option is to get a more detailed book such as What to Expect When You Are Expecting by Heidi Murkoff.

Another item that you should buy at this point is a baby journal. This could help you document this incredible journey called pregnancy. You can write every experience, feeling, insert photos of your belly growing, and you will end up with a wonderful keepsake.

Although your belly may not be big at this point, you should start shopping for a waistband extender or pregnancy pants. You may need to also invest in maternity bra as your breasts may be feeling more tender at this point. A bra without an underwire and made entirely from cotton is also a good substitute.

For personal hygiene, it is time to get new tooth care products to prevent periodontal disease which happens to almost 50% of pregnant women. I also suggest that you get yourself a highly hydrating body lotion in order to avoid skin dryness especially when your belly starts to get rounder and tighter.

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Shopping List for the Second Trimester

This is where the real fun of baby shopping begins. You can now give in from the temptation of purchasing those cute newborn clothes, little booties, and onesies with adorable animal prints on them. It would be helpful to use some guides on what type of clothes should babies were during the first six weeks.

One of the first big items you can purchase at this time is the crib or the bassinet. Purchasing one would also help you organize the baby room more easily now than when you get a bit heavier to move around. Even if you intend to co-sleep with your baby during the first few weeks, he or she will still need to have her own crib eventually.

In addition, you would also want to purchase sheets that are made specifically for cribs and bassinets. A set of different types of blankets is also necessary – from receiving blankets, warmer blankets to swaddling blankets.

You can also begin purchasing nursery accessories to make the baby’s room more fun. Here’s a quick warning, though – you may want it difficult to stop purchasing these items so I suggest that you start small. You can begin by purchasing a colorful mobile, wall stencils, and a few stuffed animals.

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Shopping List for the Third Trimester

During the third trimester, you will be purchasing items for you and your baby. A belly support band or a pregnancy belt would help ease the pressure you feel in your pelvis as the baby grows bigger. A maternity support band also helps alleviate back pain and can be worn under most types of clothes.

You also have to start stocking up on your diaper supplies. During the first few weeks, expect to spend around 10-12 diapers in a single day. Add related items such as diaper rash cream, petroleum jelly, diaper wipes, and a diaper bag to your shopping list.

Part of your shopping list should also be dedicated to feeding supplies – from bibs, nursing pillows, nursing bras, bottles, nipples, nursing pads, and even creams to soothe sore nipples. You would also want to bathe supplies such as the tub, baby shampoo, and towels.

Other essential parenting gears you need to include in your third-trimester shopping are the stroller and car seat. When purchasing your stroller, you would want a sturdy one that comes with safety harnesses and locking wheels. You want to check some reviews to help you in choosing a good brand.

In the US, you need to have the baby buckled up real tight in a care seat when riding a car. In fact, this is not just for safety reasons but a legal requirement as well. With the many choices you have, you need to go the extra mile and search which one fits your needs the most and the most compatible with your car.

Extra Items To Consider

Aside from the basic items mentioned above, there are items which you may find helpful as well. An infant swing, baby jumper or a baby rocker could help calm a cranky baby. Moreover, a baby monitor can immensely help you as well do other things and still keep your baby in check.


Knowing what to purchase and when to purchase baby stuff can help you avoid the pitfalls of shopping too much too soon. Aside from the tips mentioned above, you may also want to consider having a baby shower so you could request a few people to get your baby’s big ticket items such as the crib.

Going shopping for baby items on the second trimester is also a good time as you could already know the gender of your baby. You could purchase items that would work best with the theme of the nursery. It would also be easier to purchase items that are more appropriate for his gender.

I hope that I was able to share with you the practical tips I learned from experience. Feel free to write down your questions. If you found this helpful, go ahead and share it so other new mommies would also guide on when to start buying baby stuff.

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